Mother Dolphin and Brand New Baby

January 26, 2012

mother and baby dolphin - perfect for family travel!

One of the wonders of family travel is the incredible nature we see as we travel the world on our super low budget. This mama and baby dolphin was seen where we swam with dolphins in Florida at Dolphins Plus research and education center. This baby dolphin was just two days old!

We and our now eleven year old child have had quite a few amazing encounters with animals as we've traveled the world these last 6 years from swimming with sharks and feeding turtles in Bora Bora to riding camels and meeting baby camels in Morocco and Jordan to feeding zebras by hand when we stayed overnight safari-style in Sweden's largest zoo and more.

Here are a few posts about some of the animals we have met on our open-ended family world trip:

Colorful Oxen with carts in Spain

Precious Baby Panda's

Mom and baby in Ireland

French Zoo

Running wild

Chariot races

What favorite animals encounters have you had on your travels?

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Oh wow, it is very rare you see such things, truly beautiful picture that was captured.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Shamis! It really is a rare sight, so we were quite thrilled to see this new baby!

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