Mexican Food Around the World? Make Your Own!

July 10, 2012

Yum! Delicious, healthy, cheap Mexican food around the world

As Californians, we all love delicious, healhty Mexican food and it is one of our favorite comfort foods. When you live a world traveling lifestyle, you soon find out that it is very difficult to find good Mexican food in most places. We did once find an amazing ( but expensive) Mexican restaurant in Santorini, but usually, even if you can find one, they are horrible.

Solution? Make our own! The ingredients are quite easy to find in Spain, Penang ( our two main bases for language learning travel) as well as most places. Since I have been into a super healthy routine, I now soak my rice, tortilla flour and beans as well as make my own lacto-fermented salsa in the Nourishing Traditons, Weston Price Foundation way. Even my guacomole is fermented since fermented foods are natural probiotics so good for one's health and immune system.

Super cheap, super healthy and super delicous! What more could you ask for? This meal is soaked organic Basmati brown rice, topped with soaked organic pinto beans, topped with homemade easy organic  lacto-fermented salsa, topped with lacto-fermented guacomole with a nice side of warm, freshly made soaked tortillas from organic flour.  Yum! Recipes coming for those who like easy, delicious, healthy food.

What is your favorite comfort food? Do you do slow travel so you can make your own?

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