Slow Internet and World Travel

September 10, 2012

luxury laptop living abroad, but internet can be a challenge

Thanks to tech, today almost any one can work or school any where around the world and we love the freedom that has afforded us as a 3 laptop family and truly enjoy our exotic travel offices.  Sometimes it's great, like this cute cafe in France near a vineyard, but often slow or bad internet is the most challenging part of world travel.

Surprisingly, it happens at times in the places one would least expect it, like our challenge of finding wifi in Paris, yet we had no problem deep in the Sahara. We were amazed how bad it is in Australia, experienced much laptop madness in Europe and have had problems in London. We've only been moderately happy and often frustrated with the internet connection in Asia,( have used 3 providers including the current broadband) but the last two weeks it's been horrible.

I was actually going to put up a different post today ( and tried to get it up this weekend) but due to our wonky internet these days, I hope I can get this one up. This is one of the many reasons I prefer to be unplugged as much as possible. The good news? One gets really good at work-arounds and that increases creativity.

The only thing I miss about California besides family and friends, is the fast connection speed. I wouldn't trade world travel for fast internet, but it can be a bit maddening at times. Hopefully we will fix it soon, but expect short or less posts until we do.

Hope your week rocks! Happy Monday! Have you ever suffered bad internet abroad?

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it's been rather good so far in Shanghai!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

That's great to hear Meghan as some have a beast of a time dealing with internet in China due to the Great Firewall etc. Is your internet associated with your school? Corporate internet is usually a LOT better than what is available for the average traveler. Which VPN do you use?

We've run into some great internet as we've roamed the world, but alas, we usually run into much worse quality than at home. Usually easier to get good internet when you are based in one place than on the move...where it is hit or miss.

Of course, if one pays a high amount one can usually get it, but we live on little so like it free or cheap. ;)

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