Second Campground

August 28, 2006


The first campground was very expensive, so we decided to move to another one circling Amsterdam that is on the water and much cheaper. Getting there was a challenge of sorts, but we made it and bought two good maps so it should get easier after this point.

Its windy here and there are goats, chickens, ducks, swans, small playground, lots of kids, rental bikes and our first internet cafe. It’s interesting and quite different than the last one. I like wifi much better than my first internet cafe, but its better than nothing. There is waaaay too much smoking in Europe (it is quite shocking to Mozart as she hates it) but we did expect that. Today she met two sisters from Germany and again they had great fun despite not speaking the others language. We will tour Amsterdam some more today, drop this stuff onto the web and make our way to a new camp site out in the country side of Holland.








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