Cheese Farm & Factory

September 11, 2006


We missed seeing the cheese farm and factory when we were in Edam area, so we were thrilled to get a second chance. We were quite hungry as we watched the cheese making demonstration by a women in a traditional Dutch costume since we had  kept delaying lunch because everything was so enjoyable. I
was pleasantly surprised while I was video taping her and she came over with a huge slice of the most delicious Gouda cheese and gave it to me first to eat. Mozart and DaVinci joined me next with a huge piece for each and we all started “Mmmmmming” again. It really was scrumptious, better than any Gouda I had ever eaten and even Mozart and Da Vinci loved it too.

I think Europe will make cheese lovers out of these two yet. (That will probably freak out my non dairy eating friends.) We ended up buying a good size piece and a similar sized goat cheese and the first was
gone by dinner time, even tho they said it would last 3 months so in our minds we were imagining it lasting longer. They don’t like goat cheese, so perhaps it has a chance of lasting a tad longer. The main thing I learned about cheese is how good it tastes and that only ninety percent of the milk is thrown away (given to the animals). They had lots of free samples and they were all good.

Mozart met another little Dutch girl and they frolicked with the goats out back that made the cheese and fed them some grass. There were also some fun props from those days that we got to check out like stilts and carrying cheese and pulling milk pails. Certainly a great way to spend a Sunday in Holland.

We just stayed at our campsite on this Monday and took it easy and did fun things like laundry which is an adventure in itself when everything is new to you. We worked on the blog (putting all the pictures on is time consuming) and Mozart played a lot at the park and indulged in her favorite dvd at the moment, “Little Women” in the evening as we have been too busy to watch any lately. We had planned to go into to Amsterdam, but we had slept in and were moving slow, so decided to put all our Amsterdam chores off
until tomorrow since we have to go in for the camera on that day. We plan to put this up when we get to Amsterdam and hope to head out to our second country early Wednesday morning. The plan is to head to Brugge, but who knows how this will work out exactly. It looks about half way to Paris, none of us have been there before (tho I have spent time in Belgium) and we hear that it is gorgeous and worth seeing.
We will keep you posted!















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rousakis stamatis

hello holland i im happy to find this page and i hope to have a good talking.i im 33 years old i im from grecce island (rodos) and i wand to open the best holland factory cheese in the cender of tawn.i im wating your mail.thangs

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