Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

September 18, 2006


This is where some serious “Mmmmmms” come in. The people of Brugge are serious chocolate connoisseurs and I could do quite a few entries just on chocolate shops and pictures of everything from violins to swans made out of multiple types of chocolates.

As mouthwatering as the pictures look, the taste is far better....really “to die for” (in more ways than one). DaVinci and Mozart (who both a have serious sweet tooth) love to sneak off to See’s candy (our local chocolate shop at home)  for a treat, so are thrilled with all the choices. You certainly do not have to twist my arm either, tho I wouldn’t really say it is something I can not live without. Chocolatiers rate very high as important places to visit for Mozart ever since she visited her first one in Edam, so she had that first on her list for Brugge . Luckily her dentist has said that chocolate is the best candy to have if she has any (since
it dissolves quickly compared to sticky type candies which are forbidden).

This morning we were talking to our sweet next door RV neighbors from Lancaster England who were on their way slowly to Italy and we were advising them on our favorite places in the Netherlands for their next stop since they were headed that way. While we were waxing on about all the joys of Edam that we liked, Mozart piped in “And they have a fantastic Chocolatier!” which made them chuckle. Kids have their own priorities.

DaVinci asked three different sets of native Brugge people (including the two sisters we met who live and work at our campsite) which was the best place to buy chocolate and every single one raved about “Dumon”. So that is where we headed first and went a little wild. He was even more assured when he saw a picture of Rick Steve’s with the owner. No secret this, but now you are in the know if this activity or city is on your list.

But we did enjoy chocolate from every chocolate shop we stopped at. A  little here, a little there, they are all melt in your mouth goooood.













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I'm sharing this blog with my 9 and 7 year old homeschoolers. I have some chocoholics on my hands here, so this post is a favorite!


@Julia-Ha Ha!! I can understand that as this is still a memory that Mozart likes to talk about! The chocolate there truly is amazing and the best in the world.

We love to have homeschoolers along with us!! If you get Skype perhaps the kids can have a webcam chat when we are in Spain. Sometimes we do kid "interviews" like that which is fun for all.

Hopefully we will do a chocolate factory tour keep your eyes out! ;)


Great Jeanne. My mouth is watering :-)

Oleg Melnikov

Last summer,my wife and I visited 6 countries in Europe, and we absolutely loved Brugge, and enjoyed Dumon Chocolatier very much as well(for therecord, we noticed a picture of Rick Steve's family on the wall in Dumon). It's such a wonderful city, it's no wonder it has been nicknamed: The Venice of the North Europe.

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