Food Glorious Food

September 16, 2006


We were quite indulgent on this idyllic day and enjoyed both lunch and dinner at different Brugge outdoor cafes taking in the ambiance to the fullest. We tried one of the regional  specialties (which is always a risk because sometimes what they think is delicious is too much for a palate not trained for such) and it was scrumptious. I think it was called waterzooi kip or something similar. I have no idea what the waterzooi part means, but kip means chicken and it is a creamy chicken stew with vegetables. They do not seem to serve bread here with meals unless you ask for it, so we do. DaVinci tried one of their famous beers, Mozart got a whole pot of yummy hot chocolate and I had my usual orange juice which is very sweet here.

We were right in front on the main square and a cheerful Russian young man from Moscow played the balilika (an instrument with a unique sound that is kind of a cross between a guitar and banjo) for us and the other restaurant patrons to enjoy. Ahhh, all the elements for a European fantasy come true. One of many “life is good” moments of this trip already. Doctor Zhivago is one of my favorite movies of all time &
I shlepped a balilika all over Russia once, so it was one of those Proust moments of sense memory gestalting lots of nostalgic associations.

After strolling around, visiting the Michelangelo mother and child, stopping at endless chocolate shops, doing the boat tour,window shopping and more we settled into another out door restaurant for dinner.
We had a nice bottle of wine, three great and reasonably priced dishes and toasted to a perfect day. If you ask for lemonade in the Netherlands or Belgium, they give you sprite, 7 up or their equivalent soda which pleases Mozart who is normally not allowed soda, so her toast had a straw in it.

The night was balmy and wine, food and company divine. Who could ask for anything more? Perhaps Brugge is even prettier lit up at night. Hard to believe but it really was a romantic dinner for three. Mozart played with some little toys we just bought at an interesting wood toy store a few houses down which she had spotted while we are on the boat, so that  gave us a chance for more intimate talk and just soaking in the views.

They sang happy birthday to a young woman on the boat in French and when we got home (yep, the RV feels like home now) we pulled out our computer right in front of our camper in the dark and called home via skype and sang happy birthday to Garrett (Mozart’s very cute and sweet cousin) who was celebrating his birthday in California. Happy Birthday Garrett!!













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