Heavenly Day in Brugge

September 15, 2006


Our second day in Brugge was even better than the first and we have soooo many beautiful shots that I don’t know how I will ever narrow it down. There are just too many pretty things to show you. The weather was a perfect  sunny autumn day that still feels like summer but without the crowds or extreme heat.

On our first day in the main square, just by coincidence we sat down next to two older women who are from Brugge and have lived their entire lives here and we got into a conversation with them. It turns out that they live at the campsite too and they are going to Spain in January. One said she worked at the main bank in the square for 36 years and I see them every morning very early, scrubbing clean the showers, toilets, reception room etc. When we were on our tour boat, Mozart spotted them again and we waved.

We are hearing lots more French here along with Flemish which sounds just like Dutch. Plus we hear lots of English accents as this is a popular spot for people coming from the UK to stop when touring the continent and there are lots of British license plates. Their are colorful vans with Oz and Kiwi kids too. Mozart can do a perfect sounding Dutch/Flemish gibberish and does at times on her phone (that she has made out of one of those chips from the wooden shoes she collected). I wonder if this is her way of processing it and if the sound will change when we hear mostly French.

It is funny how one just gets use to everybody talking in several languages and how valuable it is to have
a few in a place like this. One night I was waiting outside trying to connect with the receptionist with an older French woman who was also waiting for the same thing. We did not speak hardly a word of the others language, but still managed to communicate and several people came by who spoke various languages and we all muttered thru some. It was heartening to observe. It is amazing how the bus drivers, waiters, clerks etc all seem to know at least three languages, but one can also see how that happens with the necessity here.












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