Michelangelo in Brugge

September 17, 2006


We did not want to miss seeing a rare Michaelangelo sculpture, one of  the only works of his that left
Italy in his lifetime. "The Madonna and Child" (1504-5) is made out of Carrara marble and was originally intended for a Cathedral of Sienna. But then the wealthy Mouscron family of Brugge bought it and gave it to Our Lady’s Church.

It was a dreamy stroll past many delights of every variety from our lunch table in the square to the church. Around every bend there seemed some thing new to oooh and ahhh about while the joyful bells rang in our ears.

One of Mozarts favorite picture books is about Michaelangelo so she was excited about seeing it too, tho not as excited perhaps as she was by the endless tempting chocolatiers along the way. One of the great things about this church is they had a little area in the back for children with a puzzle of Noah’s Ark and a place
to color and hang up ones masterpiece. That really worked nice on giving each of us adults a little more one-on-one time with Michaelangelo’s genius and other details of the gothic church while she had something that was engaging and fun for her after her church-detail-attention-span had reached its
limit. She did enjoy saying a prayer and lighting a few candles for some relatives who are not well.

We have joined a peace prayer process with many people around the world thru IIWP ( and every night we do a visualization of world peace added to our prayers. One thing Mozart loved was that the picture she chose to color had a picture of children from around the world circling our dear planet and holding hands which is very similar to the visualization we have been doing daily for a long time only we do not limit it to just children. As people from every nationality wandered thru this church, my child worked on the puzzle in silence, the gregorian chants played serenely in the background, I thought how present peace was in this sweet moment of time in this particular corner of the planet.

I Love You,
Te Amo,
Eu te amo,
Je t'aime,

God Bless You,
Dios te Bendiga,
Deus te Abencoe,
Dieu te bénis,

Peace Be Still.
Paz, Manten Calma.
Paz Mantenha a calma.
Paix, soit tranquille.

I Give You My Peace.
Te Doy Mi Paz.
Te dou a minha Paz.
Je te donne ma Paix.








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