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September 06, 2006


As I mentioned earlier, Mozart bought a notebook at the Van Gogh Museum store just before we left there and has been writing in it ever since. She did write private on the front, but when she read it to us this morning I thought it might be nice to share a child’s view of some of this who is right on the cusp between 5 and 6. I will not publish her more private things, but just share a few intro pages.

I did buy her a travel journal, but I have not had time to give it to her yet and in some ways it might be
too old for her. This is better because it was all of her own making and was fully her idea. Writing is her weakest area just due to age and development restrictions, so I am happy to see this interest as she has always been much more of a verbal child than a writing child. She writes and draws fast just as she does most things (too speedy!), so when we can we help to teach her to slow down and be more mindful like on book reports and such, but let her do her own thing on something like this.

I will translate some of it as her spelling is off on many words, altho excellent for her age. I am glad that she has initiated this as it is a good way to get writing in every day which is something I wanted her to do. I am so glad that I got Harriet the Spy and the Melanie Martin books as I know they have influenced this. She is having so many firsts here too as this is a child who has not been on a tram or in a subway before, not to mention plane, living in an RV, or being in Europe.

I think she did an excellent job at really capturing the RV in her picture. Sure it is not that long, but she really got the details right like the little drawers where we store our books and things (and she has one for herself full of her stuff that she likes), the stairs, kitchen and door etc. Not her best drawing by any means, but cute for a very quickly done thumbnail. Perhaps this is only something a mom or grandma could love, but I could not resist sharing a little. After all it is our history that I am preserving here and if this book ever gets lost, she will at least have this little bit. If it is not your cup of tea, just move on to the next entry. It is kind of a fun window into her world.

She did this all on her own and we did not even know what she was writing until she read it to us the next morning and it is a very accurate description of what we were doing as she wrote it. We did pass lots of stores and she did see a money car that was very cute as we passed by. We did ask two people for directions to a park and she did find it (a little tricky to find the park here). The part that is a little strange was the dream she had as she fell asleep for a little bit on the drive back to the campsite and woke a little grumpy. (I love the “to be continued” bit).


“Dear brand new diary,
I am now at the Van Gogh museum. I am leaving the Van Gogh museum. We have been already in Edam.
We bought an RV. It is small and very fun! I got some post cards. I got a paint easel too.

Now I am on a tram (5). We are passing lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stores. I just saw a little money car.

I am now in a taxi. It is fun. Now we are driving under a tunnel. We are at the camper place. We are going to the same campsite. And we are almost there.

It is my bedtime. My mom is reading and my dad is looking at pictures of me. And I want to go to the wax museum.

Wake me! So there I was in the middle of the night. I was awake screaming and crying all night eating Kelloggs chocos laughing and clapping. To be continued.

My mom is going pee and then she is going to brush her teeth. My dad is setting up the dvd player. We are going to watch a DVD.

I am eating breakfast. My mom is working on the computer again! Like she was last night. It is a sunny day today. Yesterday I found a park once. My mom and me were looking for a park, We asked two people.










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I've just found your blog and I'm reading it from the beginning. So far I love it! I'm very impressed with her diary, and she's only five here! I'm a mom too, so maybe it is something only a mom could love though, lol.


@Julia-Welcome to our blog! I am so glad that you found it and are enjoying it. We especially love homeschool families and hope it can be a fun resource and tool for the kids too.Many find that it can be a good jumping off place for teaching about an area and that Mozart visiting places can make it seem more real to other kids.

I suppose it is a mom thing with the diary. ;) I get tickled at her Spanish writing now too...since she speaks and writes it best in the family. Kids always make things look so easy. ;)

Doreen Pendgracs

Terrific post!

And great idea to begin early with a travel journal. I started with my first overseas trip 15 years ago and have kept a travel journal ever since. Helps to relive the memories and keep info at hand that would otherwise be lost.

Your daughter will be grateful you started her on this special journey at such a young age.

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