Ring Amsterdam

September 05, 2006


The roads are good in Amsterdam and environs and we are starting to get the hang  of them. It is always
a little stressful on the road where you can not read the signs and you are in what feels like a gigantic vehicle. We have made mistakes just about every time we have set off for somewhere new, but they have been quite easy to correct. We have spent quite a bit of time on the one shown above, the A10 which is the one that makes a ring around Amsterdam, so are feeling somewhat confident on it.

We are getting to know the bus, tram, and metro lines too. They say that one can see all of the Netherlands while based in Amsterdam because the public transportation is so good and nothing is that far away. Our original plans had us coming back to the Netherlands, but now that we are only getting one camper, we will not be back except to sell our camper when we leave (if we decide to not ship it somewhere else like to Australia) so are trying to make the most of this delay.

We thought we might leave last Friday, but there seems to be trouble with getting the SOG in, so we have to bring the camper back into the workshop on Monday. There was a possibility that our camera would be fixed and in our hands today (Saturday) but that did not work out either. It is fixed, but we can not pick it
up until Tuesday after four. So even tho we thought we would have left the Netherlands long ago, we have a few more days here. We still have to get our Garmin GPS thing and a digital piano and will probably do that on Monday. We have decided to stay in the Gaasper campsite for the duration because of its closeness to the metro.

It is pleasant enough here, but we all miss Edam and that campsite which suited us to a T and had a very sweet energy. This is just a good base to get the work we need to get done and touring is easiest from here. We saw a bus when we were at central station today that said Edam on it and we all half wanted to get on. Life was a beach there and it is a city life here.

Still it was fun being in the city today and even out and about in the early evening after dark which is a rarity for us these days. We almost always visit Mozart’s favorite playground in Amsterdam because it is right by our wifi bench. It is invigorating to be in that city flow of all the people going to and fro,but always nice to get back to our sweet little home on wheels and into our comfies and jammies. The park next door here is great and huge, but we have not had too much time to spend in it.









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