Science Center Nemo

September 07, 2006


We went into Amsterdam today on the Metro that is about 500 meters from the campground thru a pleasant walk by the park next door after we horsed around, had some breakfast and did a little home school and music. It is an easy route to do because it is the last stop and central station is the last stop, still we managed to miss central station (because of the language and muffled sounds) and were surprised
when the train started going the opposite direction. Got to have some daily excitement.

It is a good little hike to this very interesting looking green building on the water near a floating hotel and a floating Chinese restaurant. It is similar to the discovery museum and San Francisco exploratorium  that we have at home.  It was funny that we had just done some reading on Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone that morning in home school and they had a whole exhibit about that with
lots of hands on props about electricity and such.

I think the best part was a demonstration they did showing a chain reaction. It was quite an elaborate set up, but very much on the old mousetrap game or dominoes falling type mode. They had everything in there from a boat traveling over water and truck to a huge weight falling thru the air making something rise to water going thru hoses and small fire. We all loved that!

The whole place was fun, but we felt a bit over priced for what it was. We did find a few good small toys there tho and felt it was worth going to. We ended up going to the chinese restaurant for dinner and it was also way over priced and probably a tourist trap, but decent food and Mozart was really in the mood for Chinese food which is one of her favorites. She did really love their beef and broccoli and ate a huge amount of beef (for her as she does not usually eat a huge amount of anything). It was also a pretty place with a lovely view at sunset and it was fun watching the small boats and big boats go by, each one with a story (like a family with kids or older folks having a meal as they go etc).

Even tho it was getting late, we hiked over to our favorite wifi bench spot on the canal and lo and behold four guys were there and seemed intent on staying for a while as they appeared to be sharing some liquor. Hmm, we decided to try the nearby park where Mozart likes to play. Thankfully it worked there and I got a few emails in while my best beloveds went to the grocery store, then DaVinci got some in while I watched Mozart play.

By then it was almost dark and we were a little worried about going home as we passed a not terrific area just a metro stop or two away. But it turned out to be just fine and indeed lots of people were on the well lit path going in and out of the campground. It was a busy and active Saturday night.









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