Espana! Costa Brava

October 24, 2006


First stop in Spain is right on the water in the Costa Brava! It is good to be here off season and seems like there are some wind surfers here. Mozart played on the beach for about an hour, found some tiny snails in the grass first, played in the waves and watched some German kids set up a big bonfire on the beach.

Now I have the cold/flu thing so I have been dragging myself thru the last few days. Hopefully, I will turn the corner soon and get my energy back. So we just took it easy and went to bed early after dinner and a little reading.

It is invigorating to wake up to the sounds of the ocean and Mozart and I got up and walked to the waters edge in our PJ’s, played in the sand and found some pretty sea shells. She buried my feet in sand, we wrote each others name with hearts, giggled and hugged. A very nice way to start the day. It reminds us a bit of being home as we have great beaches there. We wound thru some rural roads and very small villages to get to the campsite and it definitely is a different country. The good news is we can speak the language here (to varying degrees) which makes things easier.








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