Good day Sunshine!

October 28, 2006


So far, Spain is a lot hotter and sunnier than anywhere else that we have been. We are camped in a tropical paradise at the moment with colorful marble bathrooms no less. These Europeans really do have camping down to an art form and it is fascinating to see all the variety and how carried away some of them get with their camping  or should I say “holiday” equipment. After a long drive it is so relaxing to find a spot like this and to wake up to sunshine and tropical plants. Perhaps I am even more grateful because the worse
part of my cold /flu thing has passed now and I have my energy back, but we are all enjoying it.

We are going at a much faster pace now because we have a lot of territory to cross to get to our winter rental in Andalucia, so it makes one in kind of a daze, forgetting what day it is or where you are. Highways and their rest stops and filling stations look pretty much the same no matter what country you are in, just different languages written and spoken. Still we are definitely in a new country and getting to know glimpses of Spanish country side as we jam our way southward.

We have been forced to get up and out early so that we  can see a bit and make our travel miles for the day. Not that early in reality, but early for my two sleepy heads who are have really taken to sleeping in. Campgrounds are surprisingly quiet in the morning and with all the shades drawn it is quite easy to do. So far they have also been very quiet at night as many go in and watch their satellite TV’s or read.

But today I let them sleep in  as I snuck off early to use their free computer in a room with a big library and craft area, next to the pool. No one was there when I was using it, but we have seen lots of people using the area with laptops and making skype calls in various languages. We have a shorter drive today, so get to go at our more normal pace and enjoy our long morning as check out is not until one in the afternoon. We even lucked out with a little extra because last night we gained an hour for daylights savings time here. Mozart gets to play a little more  in the big pool and at the playground.

We have a short drive today, but a long one the next day, so it is good to take some time to relax and enjoy a bit. Mozart has been a great traveler and finds fun where ever she goes. She is playing at the moment lost in a pretend world just outside the camper where they have a sink DaVinci is taking his long hot shower which feels so good and will put him in a rosy mood. We had scrambled eggs and cheese earlier with croissants  and OJ for breakfast that I made while they went to the library. Mozart did a little home school while I showered and we will do more today because of the extra time.

Mozart almost always sleeps part of the way on long rides which helps take up the time, but also makes her a lot more peppy than we are when we stop. She also usually watches a DVD if it is a long ride and I like to make it an educational one so she gets a bit of home school while we roam. She also reads a lot and plays or colors etc. The leapster has been a favorite toy and is good for part of the ride or other wait times. The vest is working great and it is nice having the table in front of her. She piles her things next to her with her water and snack and puts the pillow on top so its handy when she wants it.

Unfortunately, the portable dvd player that we bought for the trip is not working well, probably because
of the adapter, so she has been watching her DVD’s on the Mac mostly. I always warn her to “hang on to Mackie” if we hit a patch where there are turns and bumps. I was afraid that this much driving on the way to Spain might be too much for her, but she is doing really well with it as we have got a rhythm going now that we are all use to.









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