Roussillon, Ochre Romance

October 20, 2006


We fell head over hills in love with the Provence village of Roussillon and its colorful sunburn hues from ocher to blood red. After our sublime breakfast we we ooohed and ahhhed our way all through the luscious Luberon landscape. We went past Gordes again seeing it from a different angle and into that beautiful  landscape that we had looked down upon while at the top of that village. Perfect pictures of classic Provence (like out of a magazine or book) loomed everywhere, alas my camera could not do it justice,
but our eyes soaked it up.

Roussillon is only about 10 kilometers away, but has a very different feel as you get close. There are more pines in this area and you begin to see the red cliffs. We enjoyed the vineyards and lavender rows along the way. It is quite steep going up to the village which is always a thrill in a camper, but we made it. They call it the Colorado of Europe, but I found it much prettier than any of Colorado that I have seen and I have seen some pretty places there. I am partial to ancient villages which are just not found in the States, so I am sure that is one reason this appealed more to me and I can not quite see the comparison. The views from the top were spectacular of the Luberon country side below. The village itself was exquisite and made my heart sing as everywhere I looked, its beauty touched me.

We saw an enchanting little villa as we came in that was for sale which made us want to buy it on the spot and never leave. Mozart was convinced that it was the perfect house for us and was ready to  move in. Compared to our hometown in California where a million dollars buys almost nothing,the prices look cheap here and most places. We would consider moving here, but we will have to spend more time here before making that kind of a decision. It was just a fun fantasy for now.













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Love the bottom picture. So cute!!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks little model! ;)

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