First play date in winter home

November 10, 2006


From the first day, these two have been plotting a play date and less than one week into her new school, Mozart was thrilled to have her first play date with her best buddy Sam. She finally has some toys unpacked that have been hidden deep within the camper for the trip like her American Girl dolls and books. Even her Polly Pockets seem to be a very big hit here & coveted, so they must not have them as easily available as in the US. She has a two bed bedroom and a two bed playroom with her piano in it and more books and toys, so they had plenty to do and space to do it in. They also ended up playing on the terraces some as it is a gorgeous sunny day which is welcomed because yesterday it rained hard for the first time since we have been here. Last year they only had two days of rain all year, so it was needed.

We also have a few American food goodies that have been packed away, so I promised her I would make
her mac and cheese and blue berry Jello with marshmallows for their special treat. Sam did not know quite what to make out of any of it as she had not seen them before, but ended up enjoying them. Mozart likes the idea of Jello more than Jello I think and doesn’t eat much, but liked the extra spoiling.

They played with everything from legos on the top terrace with oreo cookies and milk to semi trashing
both her bedrooms going thru everything. It takes me hours to get it all put away neatly and seconds for them to turn it into utter chaos, but I do make sure they pick it all up before leaving. Sam was quite fascinated with many of the things as she had never seen them before.

They also really enjoyed looking at her school year books and picture albums from home and discussing them. Mozart was excited to show her all three floors and there is nothing like a play date to make it feel like home and normal kid life. She played her some songs on her piano and then the violin and helped Sam to learn a little and try too. Sam is fluent in Spanish (and three other languages) but so far they mostly speak in English together, altho they were also singing and dancing in Spanish, a few things that they just learned in music class at school. It makes a Mama’s heart happy to see her baby on cloud nine and this kid
loooves playdates!







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