Our Beach and Sunsets

November 30, 2006


We finally made it to one of our closest beaches that we view at a distance from our home. It is gorgeous! Here it is very late in November and people were sun bathing on the beach and some were even swimming even tho it was quite late in the day almost five o’clock. We were just in town to shop,so we did not go down to the sand, but will soon. On clear days one can see Africa from here which is kind of cool. There is a lovely promenade to walk around it which is fairly empty now, but probably quite busy in summer. We will have to do a day at the beach soon as I hear they make some great paella right on the beach in a restaurant there.

It used to be a tiny fishing village so retains some of that charm, altho now it is quite large with a population of about 15,000 in this beach town. We go in fairly often for supplies or looking for things we can not find here in the village or at a little better price. We could take a bus, but we find we usually take the camper as there is a big place to park near the major grocery store.

That way we miss the tiny roads as we park right in the beginning as we enter the town. The only problem is that sometimes on the tiny road leading to the big parking place we run into huge trucks that are being used in construction often coming the opposite way. That can be tricky to say the least, so usually thats time for me to jump out and guide DaVinci as his eyes on areas where he has a blind spot. Mostly tho people are patient here dealing with such things and it just takes a little bit of working together for all parties. It always scares me when I see a huge truck heading right towards us on a tiny road (and I like it when we sneak in and out without that) but it always seems to work out fairly easy. Even a simple thing like going to the store is an adventure on the road and basic errands in a camper always adds to the excitement.

Mozart likes the parking place because there are some donkeys and horses there, so we usually say hello. There are lots of hills in this town as well, so more exercise for us as it is kind of straight up from this parking lot. We could have the groceries sent back and delivered to the door, but we always seem to just do them ourselves so far. Coming down hill with a full cart is always a bit of a thrill while keeping Mozart close by as sometimes cars and motorbikes come zipping up from the bottom of the road. The grocery store there has all the supplies and groceries pretty much that one finds in the states and in some ways more. We do our big shopping there and then pick up little things at the local markets. Sometimes we also go to hypermarkets further away for big shopping trips.

The sunsets have been gorgeous here lately too. I used to love our sunsets at our home which was high on a ridge( sun rises too), so I am really enjoying them here. It is like a beautiful  gift that is sent our way every day after dinner. The first few surprised me as I caught a glimpse out our large window that overlooks the rolling hills/mountains while clearing up after dinner, but now I look for them and wonder how each nights show will unfold. I like to sit on one of the terraces and take it in when I can.











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