Snake, mac, piano day

November 28, 2006


I could not believe it! Mozart was screaming and I went to look to see what was going on. She said she had seen a snake on our top, third floor terrace. My mind was like, “couldn’t be”. Sure enough as I looked out I saw it slither towards a pot. Eeeeew, I am not a snake person and was quite freaked to say the least, but a mom has to stay cool in front of her kid. We were inside and it was outside, thank goodness. But still, how weird is that and we have often left that door open and it leads into our bedroom! The image of sleeping with snakes is stuff for horror movies or stunt TV, but my mind quickly conjured up the picture and it does
not sit well with the rest of me.

We had a house guest below below on the main floor, our new friend from Spain who we had met on the internet just a short time ago. We were still dealing with problems with connecting the internet and he was kind enough to drive an hour both ways to try and help and ended up spending all day until late with us. They were working on that when the screaming started. I guess DaVinci was dealing with something, so our friend came up to help.

I had never seen this kind of snake before and when he was trying to catch it with his bare hands, it looked like it was trying to bite him. So he used a broom to help and I really wish I had it on video. I at least wish I would have gotten some pictures of it as he held it for quite a while after it was caught and let Mozart take a nice close look. It was quite the dramatic moment and I was just too stunned and in disbelief to go get the camera.

How the heck does a snake get up to a 4th story terrace? We only have 3 stories but there is another story that belongs to someone else’s house. Don’t ask! Houses are just built like that here, quite mysterious as to what part belongs to what neighbor and often not obvious as what looks like a bedroom for one person,
may very well be one for an entirely different household that you would never suspect. Anyway, they are doing construction below building a large public garden so perhaps that motivated the snake to start climbing or perhaps it went up my neighbors vineyard trunk or some drain pipes. We have no idea, but we surely will never leave that door open again.

We got a bag and some how the guys got it into the bag because it was impossible to throw it off the terrace without it landing on our terrace below or someone else’s. DaVinci just double bagged it and took it out to the public garbage. Our friend thought it was just a field snake, but it did not look like a gardner snake or any snake we knew.

We had gardener snakes at home and even rattle snakes altho we never saw one until we moved out. DaVinci was cleaning out the garage, when he moved a tire and found a rattler just coiled up sleeping in this garage our child often played in. He said his first thought was “where is the shovel” and that it was quite hard to kill as the skin was very tough. Yuck! I hate snakes and these were just too close for comfort. Luckily no harm came to anyone. I was scared when our friend was trying to catch that snake and am so glad I was not around when the rattler showed up in our garage as the story gives me shivers.

Our friend works in I.T., so much more savvy than we are with computers and he found our problem there almost immediately. Then they started getting fancy I guess and trying other things, so it ended up all day getting back to where we were at first. We took a break for lunch (at our favorite restaurant) and dinner
(I made our favorite Spaniard a typical California meal) and had a great time seeing him again. We even had fun listening to him on the piano as that is the reason we first met (thru a piano forum) as it is something he decided to learn as an adult. I can’t wait until Mozart and DaVinci get to that level as I know they will enjoy it more.

Recently there was a thread on about what has touched your heart during your travels and I realized that I have had soooo many things touch my heart on these travels thus far, including this one. How many people would drive an hour both ways and spend all day fixing someone else’s computer into the night, of someone they just met over the internet? I think that is pretty special and we are very grateful to our new friend. We could not even find anyone we could even pay to do it, so he really saved us there. Wow, and who knew he had snake catching skills to add to his talents at piano and computers, eh?
Thank you Alfonso from the bottom of our hearts!




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