Santa come! Or Papa Noel?

January 25, 2007


Talk about over the top excitement, Mozart woke up very early and bounded down the stairs to the Christmas tree and was shouting in amazement. I guess she was a little worried about the stocking as the kids do not get stockings here so that is the first thing she noticed. Or maybe she was a little concerned that
Santa would not find her, or maybe it is just the age, but I have never seen her more excited.This way we can share this fun day with family.

It is so cute because she gets just as excited over the little things as she does about the bigger things. Some of her favorite gifts cost barely a euro. She has tons of colored pencils, markers, crayons etc and yet when she saw a box of markers she shouted in disbelieving shock and appreciation “Wow, a box of washable markers!”as she read the box. Ah, the joys of seeing life and Christmas morning thru the eyes of a six
year old.

She has always had questions about Santa (like at 2 she wanted to know how he got down the chimney and why he wouldn’t just come in the door). This year the questions were more complicated like “How many languages does Santa speak?” and “Does only one Santa go to all the kids in the world?”. I always like
to answer such questions with questioning her as to what she thinks the answer is and she does come up with some fascinating answers. Experiencing Christmas in a new land with kids from many countries has expanded all our views on what Christmas is about and how many different ways there are to celebrate it.

I usually buy her special pajamas to save for Christmas eve, but I did not come across any on our limited shopping. I did find a red robe at the hypermarket and she fell in love with that. It was very early when
she woke up, so many of the present opening shots came out dark. I might put up some of the video of
that morning and the excitement if we figure out how to do that.

Books were a big hit as usual and I was happy to have found some good classics at the second hand English bookstore in the town nearby. I also happened to find a picture book by Madonna about a cute little girl that looks a lot like Mozart that she liked as it happened to have the exact same pictures in it that  are on two of her favorite shirts that we bought before coming. (We had no idea it came with a book). A Shakespeare one on Romeo and Juliet (we have the Zeffirelli one on dvd that she loves), a new Harry Potter, some wizardry and magic trick books and one in Spanish for making craft projects were some of the most favorite. English books are unbelievably expensive here, so I am grateful we brought so many good ones with us.

Santa, we and all the relatives all stuck to the “small is good” theme that we need to stay with to
stay mobile for our trip. She got a blow up globe in Spanish that will come in handy for a ball as well as geography on the go. Polly Pockets and Baby Bratz things were popular. The girls here pretend their Bratz
at recess and Mozart is always Chloe. The Polly Pockets are particularly useful as she can play for hours
with them by herself and I enjoy hearing her carried away in her elaborate play, talking away in her
various voices. It was a smaller Christmas here than usual, but Mozart did not seem to notice at all.

We have dubbed the bottom floor “The Mozart Motel” as she has taken over the guest room there as if it is her play house and even has built a little store there and all kinds of special places. She has always loved to put things in bags and boxes and such, so she has had fun bringing books and toys down from her playroom upstairs and creating her own space downstairs. She is always a very busy little girl packing and unpacking her “luggage”, arranging and rearranging books and toys, making endless projects and presents. She got some princess tape, scissors, and markers and that and my left over xmas paper and string ought to keep her busy for some time. She is also mad about MadLibs.

She got quite a haul from the relatives at home and getting those boxes was lots of fun for her. We even got some xmas cards which was exciting for all of us as getting mail is quite special under our circumstances. She started the morning in her red robe, but when she came across her new outfit and pink hat and scarf from California she had to put that on for a while too. The cover picture does not really look like her
(funny how sometimes pics do not look at all like the person) but does capture the excitement of the morning filled with squeals of delight.












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How many languages does Santa speak? Lol. Only a global kid would ask that one. Way to go!

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