February 22, 2007


The first night of our “Three Generations in Spain Tour”, we spent in Marbella at the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort. It is a lovely resort right on the beach and a great place for an Andalusia base for us as it
had three bedroom suites each with their own TV and large bathroom with a communal kitchen and large living space and triple terraces. Nice comfortable American style luxury including a washer and dryer and dishwasher. Thanks to “Auntie BJ” for sharing this with us this first week (and Uncle Steve who had to
stay home and work)!

One of the things our guests have been most surprised about is how much one sees laundry hanging out to dry on the endless terraces in the Costa Del Sol (tho not here at the Marriott) and Spain as it is just not seen in the States. It is funny when you think of it because California has the perfect weather for hanging things out to dry, but it is just not done. I am so used to this now in Europe that all their comments and chuckles about the laundry catches me by surprise. I have gotten to where I rather enjoy the process to a certain extent as part of the slower life style here.

After we unpacked and got settled in and Abuelo Jesus/Grandpa Jess had a nap, we made a few snacks and talked some more. Then we all walked over to their ocean view restaurant and had a delicious dinner. They decided to try the Paella with shrimp and really enjoyed it as well as the presentation. The food and wine was yummy and we just enjoyed being together in Spain.

Grandpa and Mozart share a sweet tooth so they each ordered ice cream for desert. The proportions were so huge,that we all ended up getting extra spoons and helping them out. We topped it all off with a lovely stroll under the full moon  back to our room.

The next morning we woke up refreshed and revitalized and ready to go. We made a nice big American style breakfast together which they really enjoyed. DaVinci loooves the strong coffee in Europe as that is what he has always consumed, but it was way too much for the rest of his family, so they were thrilled to have good ol’ weak American coffee. They were also missing their American style eggs and potatoes for breakfast, so were finally fully satiated.

The other things they kept commenting on is the lack of water in restaurants and ice. Most American restaurants serve ice water and bread as soon as one sits down, but that is not the custom in Europe. One has to pay for water usually and it comes in bottles, often bread or extra bread comes with a charge and ice is pretty rare. They also have the tiniest bottles of beer or Coke/7Up, so that is always worth a chuckle to Americans making their first visit here.

DaVinci is the big breakfast making king in our household, so I enjoyed watching him and his big sis work side by side as they probably did many times in their youth. They are cute together and one can see the family resemblance through all three generations in looks,tastes and habits. They are all particular about their food and very tidy and organized.

Mozart is having the time of her life and thoroughly basking in all the extra spoiling. How blessed we all are to have this special family time together in Spain!











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