Playing in the Streets

February 06, 2007


Our friends here (that we met thru our children who became instant friends on the first day of school for Mozart), own a restaurant nearby and have an annual party on January 2nd, so we went to support them and hang out with the locals and expats from various countries. They had some yummy tapas and the champaign was flowing and we enjoyed sitting outside and watching the children play in the street. Their daughter is fluent in four languages, but Mozart and the other child are only fluent in two with only Spanish in common, so they ended up playing mostly in Spanish.

It is on the one street in the old village where cars can go thru, but luckily not very many and long periods of time go by without any passing. You can hear a car and occasional moped long before you see it, so there is enough time to get out of the way and even the smallest child is use to this system. Still we always like to keep a close eye on play on this street.

They played for quite some time while we chatted and then an older friend from the school joined us and they decided to have a private play date at our house for an hour or so while I prepared supper. She is taking piano too, so they had fun upstairs playing on the piano together and got lost in imaginary play
going from one floor to the next.

Nothing extraordinary, just another quiet day in paradise, enjoying the Christmas break together. As I watched Mozart  play in this pretty ancient village, dashing down these cobbled streets, I felt grateful that this experience will always be part of her memory bank. Not just as a tourist or visitor, but as someone who has lived here and knows exactly what that experience is. I was the only one taking pictures, but I am glad I captured the moment. I want us to always remember these little moments.










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