Adios Sweet Village!

March 24, 2007


We have grown so fond of our little village and all our friends here that is sad to say good bye, but we know we will be back in the fall and we are excited about our upcoming travels too.

Oddly (because we have had so very little rain), it sprinkled on our last day and that made it a little easier to say good bye. Wouldn’t you know, it was raining the hardest just when we had to take the satellite down outside on the terrace. It did stop by the time we left,but was still cloudy, so hardly seemed like our sunny village. Yet it matched our mood as it is not fun to transition and move. I had been dreading leaving and disliked all the packing and unpacking, but now that we were going it felt really right. It was time to say good bye for now.

Our last night we had a great sunset to bid us farewell and maybe the rain was a few tears. I am glad that we got to see a few nights of Semana Santa celebrations in our village and how pretty it looks in the freshness of spring. As we have been going back and forth to the camper to load up, we have had a chance to take in one last look at all that we love here, knowing that our days were numbered.

Right before we left Mozart quickly wrote a little story for one of her friends while we were working on things,which definitely had a melancholy theme. I am not sure if she was or if she just ran out of paper as she had asked DaVinci to help her make a little book before she wrote in it, so had limited space. Her friends seemed sad about her leaving, but she was excited as she thrives on new experiences and we know we will be back.

She drew some pictures with it and I got a kick of how she copied the word “illustrated” out of one of her books and made sure she got credit  for that as well as an author.

Here is what she wrote in her little book:

The Beautiful Flower

Illustrated by Mozart < author

Once upon a time, there was a little flower and it was the most beautiful flower in all the land. And everyone in the land wanted to pick it and when there was a show, all eyes were on it.

It was beautiful indeed, but one day a bad guy came into the land and he saw the beautiful flower. And do you know what he did?  He picked it! A hush flew through the land.

The first person who saw it was a child. She ran straight home to tell her parents. They told everyone in the land.

Soon the news came to the ears of the good Queen Daisy. She sobbed and sobbed.

The End.

We thought it was cute for a six year old, so DaVinci bought the rights to it because we thought it too precious to go to her friend and we decided to keep it. Luckily it got to go in the box that was sent to my mom with souvenirs and keepsakes that we mailed at the last moment.

We think our little village is like a beautiful flower in Andalusia and we are glad that no bad guy has “picked it” or ruined it yet. It was the perfect home away from home and we will be glad to return to it in the fall. Transitioning and moving is tedious, hard work so we have our eyes on the future now and the thrill that comes with life on the road and we look forward to some rest and relaxation.









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