Ancient Princess

March 20, 2007


Playing the part of a Moorish Princess at the Alhambra made history come alive for Mozart and she just loved it and cherishes these pictures. It is a very touristy thing to do, but then we are tourists. We had watched some craftsmen working on  mosaic wood inlay pieces in Moorish style  and then discovered this shop and decided to go for it.

Mozart was so tickled by the whole process. Dad got his outfit first when we went back to the dressing area. She giggled with delight as she saw him transformed before her eyes. She was even more thrilled when she got to pick her own costume and jewelry. She really shrieked in disbelief and excitement when she checked herself out in the mirror. Of course, she loved it when Mom was added to the mix and got her costume. She loved it when we all got to pretend that we were the royal family living in the Alhambra in those ancient times.

Funny, how a little thing like this can make a difference. Now when we talk or read about the Moors, she has a more hands on experience. We are loving reading Washington Irving’s famous “Tales of the Alhambra”together when he lived there in 1828. There is a nicely illustrated picture book that is a lovely adaptation from one of his stories that we have brought with us and is one she is fond of called “Prince of the Birds”. I highly recommend both and doing this photo session if you bring young kids to the Alhambra.

The area around Granada is world famous for making guitars and we would have really enjoyed watching those craftsmen work. Alas, things were all closed when we walked by them, but we liked looking in the windows. DaVinci wanted to make sure I got a picture of where the world famous Spanish classical guitarist Andres Segovia (whom he loves) buys his guitars (which our friend pointed out to us as we passed it and several guitar making places). A very simple looking place called A. Morales guitarreria. Maybe we will find it open on our next visit as we know we will be back to Granada & the Alhambra.













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