Andalusian Horse Ride

March 18, 2007


We all thought that a three generations horseback tour of the country side nearby might be an exciting outing to take in the unique views without taxing ones feet. In fact, we liked it so much that we will have Mozart join the Pony club next winter here and learn to ride.

They ride English here so that was a little different. Everybody got suited up for their ride by the charming owner from the UK and her assistants. It was on a Sunday morning so there was a group of girls there from our town and another nearby town who do their pony club lessons there every week.

Seeing the beautiful Andalusian horses in Ronda by chance, the horse ballet in Jerez, taking a horse drawn carriage pulled by one in Seville and seeing them in Nerja and else where, made this idea even more inviting. Finally our chance to get an up close look and have a personal experience with this special breed.

The owner thought it was very brave for an eighty year old who was a novice rider (who had not been on a horse in decades) to be interested in riding. He got on with no trouble, but sadly they picked a little bit frisky one for him and we all decided that maybe the long ride was not the best idea for him. He was not use to English style and there is less to hang onto, so we thought we ought to error on the conservative side, but he got a little ride around the stables. So he can always claim that he road an Andalusian horse in Andalusia, Spain at eighty!

Mozart, DaVinci and his sister took off with the owner for a little adventure around the countryside and near an old sugar cane factory. Meanwhile, the rest of us just rested in the sunshine and watched the pony girls go thru their process.

The mountains here have a special appeal and continue to take my breath away at moments when they sometimes surprise me as I turn a corner. The horse place was quite rustic near some farms and outdoor green houses (Spanish style), but still the proximity to the mountains,ocean and little white villages was typical of Andalusia. They have some rides on the beach nearby and to a waterfall, but we decided to take just an easy ride (for this first time in a long time on a horse) with our crew of novice riders.

Mozart thought it was all very cool and has now decided that she must have a horse when ever we settle down. She was very fond of  her pretty and gentle horse which was a white Andalusian named Rosey. I thought they all looked awfully cute in their riding hats and as they clip clopped away down the lane or moved about near the stables.











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