Cathedral & Columbus

March 02, 2007


“We shall have a church [so great and] of such a kind that those who see it built will think we were mad” was recorded by a member of the chapter during the planning of the cathedrals construction. It was built
to demonstrate Seville’s wealth and does that well. “Wow” is the feeling one gets when you get close
or walk in just by the massive size and grandeur.

It is the largest of all Roman Catholic cathedrals, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its main alter is considered the largest in the world (65 feet high). I have been in many awe inspiring churches from around the world and this one is quite magnificent and most impressive. Building began in 1402 on the site of a great mosque and was not finished for more than a century.

The ultimate masterpiece of the cathedral is one craftsman’s lifetime work, Pierre Dancart’s dazzling gold leafed Gothic retablo alter carved in the greatest detail. The remains of King Alfonso the wise and Pedro the cruel are buried in this church, but greater attention is given to the remains of Christopher Columbus.

We know this is still in dispute (if it is actually the true remains of Columbus as several places lay that claim) but given the history here of his meetings with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, we appreciated the elaborate display. (DNA samples were taken in 2003 and results announced in May 2006 say that at least some of his remains rest in Seville).

There are four larger than life, alabaster statues of kings of Spain, dressed in full court mourning carrying the bronze coffin of Columbus. They represent Castile, Leon, Aragon and Navarre which were the four nations ruled and united  by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. DaVinci’s dad is a history buff who has
read a lot about Columbus, so it was fun to share this site with the whole family.














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