El Caballo Rojo Lunch

March 08, 2007


El Caballo Rojo (the red horse) is a long standing fine restaurant in Cordoba that is known for its creative regional dishes based on centuries old Sephardic and Moorish recipes. Cordoba, itself is known as the culinary capital of Andalusia, thus we thought this would be a good place to be more adventurous with our cuisine choices.

This time we lucked out with the restaurant to ourselves and impeccable service because we were earlier than the normal crowd. It is near the Mezquita and has the typical gay Cordoba outdoor patio and gate filled with flower pots. A great spot for a comfortable family meal and pleasurable downtime.

We tried the thick Cordoba style gazpacho called salmorejo which most of us liked but was too much for the older duo and Mozart. DaVinci’s dad got the famous classic dish “Rabo de Toro” (oxtail stew) which he loved as well as everyone else who got a taste. We all loved our  entrees and there were lots of shared bites going around.

DaVinci’s sister BJ decided on the Octopus (which seemed brave to me until I tasted it) and their popular artichokes in Montilla wine. We all enjoyed the sangria which is a little different at each place. We had more on this tour than our whole winter in Spain, but one could get used to these luxurious lunches and being waited on. We gabbed, giggled and savored the food and time together.

We were having a hard time deciding which desserts to choose when the maitre d` came up with the good idea of having a small piece of everything! Mmmmm, a perfectly luscious way to end a succulent feast.










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