Flamenco in Sevilla

March 04, 2007


I will forever be haunted by the Flamenco I heard in Sevilla. All of it was luscious and rich, but one singer just blew me away. He was a very young man, but the best singer I have ever heard in my life! The depth of his passion and profoundly  intimate sharing left the audience stunned and spellbound and tears gushed from my eyes. Even Mozart was enthralled  and knew she was witnessing something special. He sang the saddest song I have ever heard.

His name was Jesus Corbacho and he has the makings of a great star. We saw him the second night when we went to a very small venue called Casa Memorias  Al-andalus in Santa Cruz. We had heard a good singer the night before at Casa Carmen near Triana (another intimate venue of authentic flamenco) and I have heard other good Flamenco singers, but the difference was night and day. If you ever have the chance, do see this young man sing. I know I will hunt him down again and follow his career!

All performers in each venue were very good and unique. We had front row, center seats at both. Most of us liked the female dancer that we saw at Casa Carmen best for her passion and power. Her tapping part was particularly impressive as well as the unique way she whipped the tail of her dress around like a mermaid gone wild. The female dancer at Casa Memoria was prettier, smiled more, had a sensuous grace to her moves and was also very good. Both guitarists were excellent .

There was only a male dancer at Casa Memorias and he was also spectacular and powerful. He danced alone, owned the stage and was fantastically athletic and agile. He brought visions to my mind of part bull fighter, part Celtic river dancer, yet indescribable. Had I not been totally blown away by the singer, I would have thought this fellow was the top Flamenco person I had ever seen. He also left the audience breathless and wanting more.

I liked the setting at Casa Memorias better. It was in an ancient building in a typical courtyard with a tent at the very top, very simple but appropriate and inviting. The fresh flowers and old moorish lamps near the small stage was a nice touch.

We went early both times to get the good seating and it was just our immediate family the second night as the others needed to rest. The early shows were fully booked on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in low season early March and there were lines for the second shows when we left.

Mozart did get to take the stage at Casa Carmen to give us a mini show with her Flamenco since we were so early. She fell asleep the first night halfway through due to our long day and staying up too late, but was wide awake the second night. It pays to take a little siesta after touring and before going out!

Both places do not allow you to take photos or video during the show, but they allow you to take a few at the very end. Regrettably, I did not get any photos at Casa Carmen of the performers as they did not make it as clear as Casa Memorias as to exactly when it is okay to take pictures. Sorry for dark pictures but my camera does not have a flash and the light was very low and I used my zoom for some.

The more Flamenco I see and hear, the more I want to see! We picked up some great Flamenco  CD’s, so that will have to satisfy my cravings until the next time.












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