Happy Easter!

March 27, 2007


It was really people that made this Easter holiday special, but Mozart was also thrilled that the Easter Bunny found her as this is not a tradition in Spain. The stores are not filled with cellophane grass and baskets and tons of Easter candy like at home, yet that did not stop Mozart from hoping against hope that some how she would celebrate a traditional American Easter with a surprise basket when she woke up on Easter morning.

We told her that we did not think the Easter bunny could find her in our little motor home in Spain,but she had faith. Just in case though, the day before Easter she made a sign that said “Come in” and found some tape and stuck it on the outside door of our camper.

It must have worked because when she woke up early there was a great surprise on our table (along with all our clothes and things ready to pack for Morocco). As it happens, Mozart has been desperately wanting a little basket for her new bike that she saw at the local hypermarket and lo and behold, there it was filled with lots of goodies. Now there was no green or colored grass, but Mozart was still delighted to see a giant egg, a few bunnies, chocolate small eggs and chocolate covered almonds.

There was also no painting Easter eggs, but Mozart has been on a painting kick, so that need was filled in another way. There were no Easter egg hunts like at home, but we hid and re-hid the many oranges about and she had fun collecting them in her new basket.

Our camping neighbors joined in the fun. On the way to the bathroom with me early that morning, Mozart shouted out to our German friend nearby (who had  raised a single daughter and had been enjoying her) that the Easter Bunny had found her! He smiled and later joined in the Easter egg hunt by adding some candy that he wanted to give her earlier one day when she was riding her bike but we discouraged him as this kid gets too many people giving her candy.

One of the great things about camping is the people and connections one makes with people from around the world. (Of course, the other benefit is price as we were paying about forty dollars a day for all food and lodging costs while the hotels were charging two hundred a night and more just for lodging).

We connected with lots of sweet people while there. We met a French couple and UK fellow (who has been motor homing around Europe since 1968) while working on the wifi at the cafe. We left our bottle opener at our village house, so borrowed one from a couple from the Netherlands (male) and Great Britain (the female). We bonded with a French family nearby with a boy about Mozart’s age and two older girls when we helped them start their car by pushing it with them (even though we did not speak each others language). We chatted with all kinds of people about what they were seeing during Holy Week and
various things.

Mozart made lots of friends riding her bike all around and picking wild flowers (which she decorated our table and her bike with). The day before Easter, the British lady said she was “brilliant” and that she
had to give her some Easter chocolate eggs. Earlier when we first arrived a lady from the Netherlands gave
her a six pack of something called Gaseous which tasted like 7Up (because she thought she would like it and she had meant to buy water which it looked like).

Mozart liked playing Easter bunny almost as much as receiving the surprise. She ate some of her candy, but had fun giving much of  it away to the little French boy and another little Spanish boy who both had been flirting with her. She ran over and hid it in a shady spot when they left for a few moments and got so tickled out of watching them find it.

But without a doubt, the sweetest and most generous people of all, were our friends in Malaga. How lovely it was to spend some time with them on Easter! I think they are our guardian angels here in Spain. We “invaded” them on Easter afternoon (because we needed to keep our motor home and things at their home) and they welcomed us with open arms.

Mozart loved taking their two children inside the motor home and giving them a tour and they played and played inside and out while we adults got a chance to catch up. We had wanted to take them to dinner, but she loves to cook and they find it easier to stay at home which does make sense with two young children.
She really is a spectacular cook, so we had another delicious meal.

We brought more things to store there for the winter and even a bunch of things including our two new bikes, to store there during our Morocco trip. It would probably be fine to just leave everything in the camper for the time that we would be away, but we all thought it was best to be a little cautious and lock up all our valuables inside their home. Hey, it is all we have!

We have been having a little problem with our bank card not giving us all the money that we need and sometimes not working at all which made us nervous for traveling to Morocco where most want cash. We have talked to our bank many times about this, but it is still not resolved. Our friends were very supportive as always and we feel so blessed to have them in our lives as they are so sweet.

They even made us a large bag of goodies to take with us so that we would have food, water and juices etc to eat on our long journey. It turned out to be a wonderful thing to have as we started out at four thirty in the morning and few things were open along our sojourn into Africa. I had been feeling very nervous about Morocco as we left our village, but now we were feeling so supported that our confidence was back for this exciting adventure!








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