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March 16, 2007


It was a shock to drive to our village, get to our house and see our front window wide open to the air! We were a little confused and dumbfounded, so opened the doors and found one big mess. We later found out that there had been over 110 kilometer winds that wrecked some havoc in the village including some at our house. It had blown the windows and shutters right open letting all kinds of dust and debris in.

We had gotten up at four in the morning before leaving so that we had time to do all the last minute straightening up, so it would look nice when our guests arrived. I guess nature had other plans as we had sand and dust all over the place, the lovely bowl we usually put fruit in fell over and glass was everywhere.

The storm was on Wednesday and Thursday and we arrived home late on Saturday so our large window (thus home) had been open to the elements for days. There are bars on the window so I guess no one could get in and it is a crime free village, but still it was unsettling to say the least. We had never experienced winds like that here, so that added to our disbelief and disorientation.

We were all tired and just wanted to relax and settle in, but we had to clean up a big mess instead. The roof on one of the terraces had come off and some pots were broken and strewn about on both terraces. One of my neighbor’s (which one I have no idea) window shades were on one of my terraces.

It looked like a disaster zone instead of a welcoming place, so I can imagine what a shock it must have been to our guests. To top it off we had no internet connection for several days because the satellite had been moved in the wind and the tripod slightly damaged.

It is our lifeline to the world and essential, so we spent hours and hours over the next several days trying to get it up and working again. I got hoarse from calling out the numbers loud enough to be heard up to the Satellite and DaVinci was really frustrated.

It was not quite the homecoming we had expected, but we rolled with the punches and made the best out of it. Our guests all pitched in and we managed to not let it upset the visit or plans. We put together a quick meal on the terrace and our guest got acclimated to their new home for four nights.

It is mostly a summer rental, so going from two adults and one child to five adults and one child had its challenges like pots for cooking, seats for the table and dishes and cutlery, but we found a way.

A friend’s mother recently injured herself falling when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night while in India, so that was uppermost on my mind. We have knocked our own heads going thru the tiny 15th century door to the second bedroom and there is a large step down, plus two more up and down to get to the bathroom. The stairs up to the bedroom area is ancient and steep with a handrail that is purely decorative. Not the ideal space for our seniors. We decided to leave a light on all night to make it a  little easier. Things looked better in the morning after some rest as they usually do.










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