Marbella Musings

March 11, 2007


It was time to soak in a little relaxation and mellow family time after our Seville, Cordoba, Jerez and Ronda quick tours. We had alternative plans do a day in Malaga old town to see the Picasso Museum in his home town and lunch at the Parador at Gibralfaro for Friday, but opted to just hang out for a few days in our comfy time share.

It was fun for Grandpa to watch Mozart do her morning violin practice and she enjoyed sharing her videos on our blog of her various performances that he had not seen. He is a very good artist and drew her lots of pictures. She was delighted when she came back from doing something else to find a violin that he drew
for her!

One of her favorite things to do is to cuddle in bed and watch dvd’s. She adored having the time to watch some of her favorites with her abuelo and auntie BJ. We made some satisfying meals together inside and on the terrace and basked in the time with each other and even enjoyed doing work tasks like dishes side by side.

It also gave us each some alone time to handle things like calls home, checking email, resting or reading. The laundry room was also a handy, useful addition for little things and swim suits. One thing we have learned from travel is, if you do a lot for a few days, then it is always really appreciated to have some down time to keep the equilibrium.








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