Pinot Sunset in Marbella

March 13, 2007


It was a perfect day to catch the sunset just outside our place at the beach in Marbella. DaVinci’s sister said that she and her husband love to chase down sunset photos where ever they roam, so we grabbed one of our bottles of Pinot Noir from Burgundy, a couple of glasses and strolled down to the beach to see what would unfold.

My brother Roger (who has passed on) told me long ago that the red rays of the sun at sunset and sunrise are very beneficial to ones health and to never miss an opportunity to indulge in them. Good advice, whether they are healthy or not, that I have never forgotten. Who could not love a beautiful sunset or sunrise?

I have always been grateful for the glorious sunsets that we had at our home in California and the ones we have here in our village home and I am always up to see one more. There is something so soothing and inspiring about sunsets and the sound of the waves crashing at the same time.

There were very few people on this long beach, so it was a good opportunity to relax a little, take some pictures and savor the pinot, view and time together. Up on the western side of the beach there were a few fisherman getting the catch of the day I guess. A few romantic souls sauntered along the waters edge towards the mountains. I love the feel of sand on my toes and there was a delicate breeze gently swaying the pampas grass fringe of the beach umbrellas all in a row.

Perhaps luck was with us, because it turned out to be a world class sunset. There were several phases and I liked all of them although it seemed to just keep getting prettier and prettier and more and more red. When we went up to where the palm trees were, they seemed to frame it as the many lights from the mountain sparkled on one after another in a magical way. Funny how a few moments of a simple pleasure like this can make time stand still and re-remind one of all the good in this world.















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