Sevilla Lunch

March 05, 2007


After seeing the Cathedral and Alcazar we were tired and famished as we had an early breakfast before hitting the road to Seville and had been doing lots of walking for this crew. There was no time to look up a good place, we just stumbled to the first place we saw.

It was a beautiful restaurant in the main square facing La Giralda which is the minaret next to the cathedral. In fact, the name of the restaurant was El Giraldillo which is the name of the statue that acts as a weather vane that was added to the top of La Giralda in the sixteenth century. (Girar means to turn in Spanish).

As we first came into the square we noticed the tables with the killer view outside, but I assumed the food would not be very good and that it would be too touristy. It was late in the day around four o’clock I think when many things are closed in Spain as almost everything closes between two and six.

They would not let us sit outside, but they did take our party of six inside and that actually was a nice relaxing change of scene for us. It was almost like going into another world after wandering around like tourists and felt very inviting. There was no one in the restaurant but us and the people working there, so that added to the comfort.

We ordered a couple of orders of Sangria, some water and they brought some Sevilla style marinated green olives,Manchego cheese and warm, fresh bread. Ah, just what the doctor ordered and soon we were feeling human once more. The food and service was excellent which was a very pleasant surprise. Maybe it tasted so good because we were so hungry. We were all very happy with the dishes we ordered.

It was like having a family dinner in someone else’s home with someone to wait on you for your every need. It did not feel like a restaurant because we were the only ones there. The meals together like this were an important part of the trip. It was not cheap, but definitely worth it, so a lucky find when so much was closed.

It fortified us enough to enjoy our horse drawn carriage around the city at dusk. But before we left we got to have one more (of our many) impromptu performances by Mozart dong a flamenco for us all. After a short rest that night at our hotel, we all went off and saw the adult version.









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