Yummy Beach Lunch

March 15, 2007


There are two stunning beaches on either side of the “Balcony of Europe” and innumerable good restaurants, so we were not sure which one to pick. There was a long stairway to the beach and with our crew that was a limitation. Still the beach beckoned on this awesome day, so we sent DaVinci and his sister down as “scouts” to see if it was worth it and decide if they could make it.

It looked even better at ground level and the menu looked promising, so we all decided to go for it. Going down was not too much of a problem with the elders hanging on to DaVinci because there were no hand rail. We took it nice and easy and there were great views all the way down.

BJ had nabbed a good table for us and had ordered our sangria by the time we got there. After we ordered she decided to take Mozart for a walk around the beach. Much to her surprise she saw woman sunbathing topless which is the common practice in Europe, but not in the States. She was a little taken aback and protectively brought Mozart back to the table, but it was not a surprise to Mozart who is comfortable with that trend. So that made for a little giggle about culture shock.

We ended up having another great lunch, tho this time I can not say we had the whole place to ourselves. Considering that it was the weekend, right at the busiest lunch time and a divine day, it was still not overly crowded and very pleasantly relaxing. We ate mostly seafood and pasta and everything was delicious.

It is a good thing lunch was so good, because going back up the big hill was much harder, especially for Grandpa’s girlfriend. But after a rest and by taking it slow and easy we all made it up the hill and back to the car without too much trouble. We all decided it was well worth the effort.












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