Morocco Reflections

April 21, 2007


We are certainly very glad that we came to this unique land and saw it’s fascinating sights, and met it’s warm people. I find it to be a haunting place and the memories of it grow fonder each day I am away. There is simply nothing like Morocco that I have found before and I see why people fall in love with it. I
found it  enchanting, almost dream like at times with exciting smells and sights, archetypical images with amazing architecture and an ancient culture filled with creativity.

It is a very interesting combination of Arab culture, ancient Berber traditions and French sophistication from colonial days. It is also a very harsh land and the poverty, filth, decrepit buildings and utter chaos takes it’s toll, so we were as happy to leave as we were to come.

We will be back for more exploring in Morocco as there is so much to see. It is a timeless, mystical, magical place that is very romantic with some of the friendliest people in the world. We especially seemed to like the native Berber people with their dignity and graciousness, despite living in such inhospitable conditions.

I will not miss the well built roads in Morocco (that were built during colonization). I just read today that Morocco roads are considered the deadliest in the world. In the week we were there 933 people were injured and 8 killed in 707 road accidents. Reading such things before going probably added to my fear in
the car, but honestly as bad as that is, I am surprised more are not killed.

We would probably drive when we returned, now that we know how it all works. That way we would be assured of having seat belts for everyone (hopefully, but then nothing is certain in Morocco). We would also spend more time outside of the cities and in the desert, although I would like to see Fez again and all imperial cities if I was shopping for a home or something. There were places we missed this time that we still want to see and now are less frightened by travel in Morocco.

There are so many intriguing images that hit you where ever you look in Morocco. It is really a photographers dream place with incredible light and colors. Too many to describe or get a picture of or upload, but here are a few that touched us to add to our list.













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Mari Marocco

Hi, i'm italian and i've been in Moroc and n Spain. I love your way of live, your blog and your pictures, most of all the Mozart concert in the amazing! I'd like to live like you one day...really.

Good luck and kisses to your wonderful Mozart ;)



Hi Mari!

Thanks for your kind remarks! Mozart's desert concert was one of our highlights!!

Lucky you too...Italy, Spain and Morocco are all wonderful places.;)


I have just found your blog and am fascinated! We have just moved to Spain from Colorado for a year plus of traveling and sabbatical time.

I am curious, after reading your first and last Morocco entries, would you recommend it? It sounds like it grew on you, though was stressful and frightening too. It would be my husband and I and two young daughters, and I've heard probably many of the same horror stories you did. Would you agree the difficult was worth it or have you since found other countries that offer some of the same but perhaps are not as stressful?
Can't wait to read more!


OH, YES! I would HIGHLY recommend Morocco, especially the Sahara and Fez.

It was really one of the highlights of our wonderful journey ( that has been filled with highlights, 4 continents and 20 countries).

My daughter has never had a vaccination, so that added to our stress some in Morocco. BUT it was absolutely worth it and is like no place else on Earth.

It is an incredible education for children. I would skip Marrakesh and Casablanca and I would go with the people we went with as I know they are good.

We loved it so much that we will be back to Morocco. Don't miss it, watch our video Sahara Dream. It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

I am a overweight, over 50 gimp and never would have made it if it was not for my daughter's education. We are all thrilled that we went to the Sahara and Fez. NOT to be missed!

Amy Massey

Hi - Love your experience in Morocco. I want to take my 3 kids to Morocco (ages 5, 5 & 10). My 10 yr old son has pretty severe special needs with global delays (no major physical needs though). Wondering how he would fare in the Sahara and how he would be received by Moroccans... any gutt feelings?

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