Number 1 Riad

April 15, 2007


It was my favorite Riad in Morocco and I somehow did not get the name of it! I did not book it, we came upon it via Grace, but it was a high price to pay for such luxury because we arrived in Marrakech at five in the evening and did not get to this riad until midnight, when we just plopped into bed.

Our whole first evening was pretty much ruined with lots of drama and even losing our passports for a short time in the chaos, but after listening to a few hours of loud disco music in a dirty place, it was a dream to sink into this lovely, quiet, clean place. I won’t go into all of the gory details as it is too long and complicated and I would rather get to the good parts and just forget the first nightmare part happened.

It was a nice place to wake up to and Mozart particularly liked the robes in the closet and immediately put one on dragging the adult length behind her like a wedding train. Riads are unique to Morocco and typically have a courtyard in the center, often terraces on top and only a few rooms or suites and they serve breakfast. They range from simple to extremely luxurious worth multimillions of dollars. This one was done in a Moroccan contemporary style which was calming. It had all the charm of Morocco with all the comforts of  the first world.

We played in the giant comfy bed, then had a great breakfast and just hung out enjoying the lovely morning. Later Mozart went in the pool which was the highlight of her day as that was something that was high on her list for Morocco and this was the first lodging that we had been in that had a pool. I could have hung out at this riad for about a week and enjoyed myself with never even seeing Marrakech and all the craziness that entails.













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Did you ever find out the name of this Riad?


Abby-sorry, I didn't, but I do remember that it had the French word for orange in the name but was different name than the other one that we stayed at that also had orange in it's name. Perhaps that key & the pictures can help you find it. If you do, please post it here!

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