Riad de L'Orangerie

April 17, 2007


Once we got to the L’Orangerie, it was pleasant enough and Cyril who owns it can be a convivial fellow. It was a slight let down after riad number one, but still very nice and oh so much better than the first place. You do hear the call to prayer there quite loudly, but that did not bother us as we rather enjoyed that. We did have a spectacular meal there the second night and it was a pleasurable place to relax and hang out. It is in a great location to easily walk to all the key areas in the medina which is a plus.

Mozart loved the roses (there are a ton of roses in Marrakech), playing monopoly after dinner, swimming in the pool, playing with the turtles and reading in bed.Yet her very favorite thing was making the closet into a playhouse and using the bathroom accouterments for her “store” and “stew”. Funny, what attracts
a child.

She also loved to run up and down the plentiful stairs that are in all riads by the nature of how they are formed. I really liked the terrace and our breakfast up there was very nice.

We seemed to be running out of steam, so we wound up just hanging around the riad more than touring too much. We were there on a high season week end and the crowds were just more than we felt like dealing with day and night. Perhaps it would have been better to just book one night in Marrakech as we were ready for the smaller beach town, Essouria.











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