Barcelona Beach Resort

May 01, 2007


Ahhh, it is good to have time to rest and relax and this seems to be the perfect place to recover from our fast travel and catch our breath a little. I thought we would need any where from three days to ten days, but it seems we might need more. We have a few things to take care of like the blog and the satellite, but mostly we just need time to be. This haven will be a hard place to leave.

We have been going at a pretty intense pace for us with the Morocco trip that closely followed our Three Generations Tour of Spain with family and all the work of transitioning from village to road. It was all worth it and fun, but now we need a rest. One of the great things about our kind of travel is we can make
it up as we go, and this place just calls for more at this point in time.

What a wonderful campsite resort this is outside of Barcelona on a beautiful beach! It is one of our favorites so far in Europe. The weather is great but it is still considered off season so we have great winter rates and the longer we stay the cheaper it is. We are paying less than 18 euros a day to live like royalty. Once again, I say that without a doubt, Europeans really know how to “camp”!

There are three wonderful, huge pools here including a very luxurious indoor one, plus jacuzzi, sauna, kids shows, disco, great Catalan restaurant, bar, zoo, laundry service, take out food, basketball & sports courts, workout room, massages, arcade, tours, wifi in our motorhome and more. It has everything but the hotel and is on the beautiful grounds of an old Catalan farm.

They have bike, scooter and car rentals but we have our own bikes now, so only used the car rental once for a run to buy a battery. We are a quick train ride away from Barcelona in an area full of vineyards and lovely beaches. Riding the bus to the nearby small town gives us a real feel for the local people and our camping neighbors are from around the world.

The staff here goes out of their way to be helpful and there is even a caravan store nearby with helpful people that have assisted us at no charge. Contact us at [email protected] if you are a camper interested in the exact name of this place. I am not sure what the cottages and bungalows go for but it is a great spot for families and retirees visiting this area on a budget.

I thought this would be a good choice and we would need it at this point, but it is ever better than we expected. It does not have the marble baths of the one we stayed at in Spain on the way down last fall, but it has other advantages. It is a very big place so we are getting lots of use of our bikes. It is mostly really quiet here, although it does perk up on weekends with the locals come here for
some R&R.

This places is much bigger than our whole village in Andalusia so I am glad I am not here in high season when it must be packed. I could live without the week end disco music until midnight, but I am sure it is a highlight for the teens and gives them something to do. They have a great light-show fountain nearby which makes the restaurant and disco area very inviting. There is a very different feel here between the quiet week days and hopping week ends.

We have a few favorites things here. I love the croissants which are the best I have had in Europe (including France). I also love their laundry service which is fantastic and much cheaper than other places we have been to just for use of the machines. You drop it off and pick it up the next day and it is all clean and folded. It looks like they even ironed some things and they did a great job. I was thrilled.

I also adore the waterfall in the jacuzzi. It is from way up high and falls all the way down and it is like getting a heavenly massage to sit under it. DaVinci and I take turns moving our backs, shoulders and necks into ideal positions lapping up the healing salt water. They do have massage here for a reasonable price as well, but I am not sure if it could get much better than this amazing fountain. They also have three smaller spray things in the indoor pool that massages shoulders. I can see why they attract some snow birds for the winter and we have met some great people here.

Mozart and DaVinci love the bakery here and the desserts (they are really much too good and tempting). Mozart likes to get the hot chocolate when ever she goes with one of us to the reception. We all love the whole roasted chicken which is at least a healthy choice and that and a salad has got us spoiled by even skipping some cooking duties. Mozart loves all the bells and whistles, but she also just enjoys riding her bike and playing in dirt. We are glad to have the time to home school again and catch up on piano practice. We could not have asked for a better resting place!













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Scott Quitter

Excellent post. I love reading the descriptions of the locations and seeing the wonderful pictures. Always a treat!


Mama Bird

Beautiful spot. I love Barcelona and will definitely remember this. That pool just makes me want to dive right in, it's so hot and muggy where I am today. Might have to load up the kids and head to the local one. Not quite as picturesque, but I am sure as refreshing. :)

Lisa Bergren

Ooo, I'll be emailing for the exact name of the place and web info! Thanks for sharing.


Could I please have the name of the Spanish camping ground that you liked so much in Barcelona? We are looking at going to Spain on our overseas travels soon.


Scott- Thanks, so glad to hear it!

Mama Bird- Ha! Thanks & enjoy!

Lisa- It's a fantastic spot & we have been here 8 times on our world tour so far!

Karen- Can you send me an email via our contact page here on our website? Because we go here so often, I prefer to give this one out privately. Thanks!


Hi there
We are going to Spain and would love to stay at this place too, can we have the name? My kids are 8, 10 and 12 we can't wait!!
Thanks for your great blog still informative and gorgeous after the years have gone by...


Moe - As I mention in the post, please contact me privately.You can also just leave a comment on our contact page as that will get to me.


Hi guys!
Another super exciting looking campground! I have book-marked so many that you have suggested! Would you mind sharing the name of this one (my email address is attached to the comment) Looks lovely!!

Where would you say are the best spots (counties or regions) for summer camping that aren't too crowded or full?! We are trying to plan out our time there, and summer stump us cause of crowds and cost (and heat!!) We are thinking Eastern Europe might be cheaper & less full (if there is such a thing?!)

I found that car seat vest that you got for Mozart, and got 2 for my boys, so thanks so much for that tip!!

Take care!!

Grazia Rita Calcagni

I would greatly appreciate receiving the name of the Resort in Barcellona. We have two daughters aged 15 and 10. We are looking for a winter resort with indoor pool. This looks and sounds fantastic.
Thanks for your help.
[email protected]

anne o'casey

hello, thanks for your wonderful blog. we are planning our grand adventure and would really appreciate the name of this campsite. thanks and all the very best, anne
[email protected]


Wonderful post and website. What a marvelous adventure you three have enjoyed!


Wonderful post, what a marvelous adventure you three are enjoying!

I dropped youba email and would love to hear more ideas for good locations to camp with a 16 year old.


Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hello David,

Thanks for your kind words and I got your email. Sadly, I have a really hard time keeping up with all the email that we get due to our internet popularity. I've been having health issues of late, so am even further behind and can do less.

I am really touched by your journey and so sorry to hear about the death of your other son. Wonderful that you are doing the trip in his honor. I bet he will be smiling at the two of you from heaven!

felicity greenwood

hi this sounds wonderful we are looking at travelling europe in our campervan this winter with a 1.5yr old and a 2.5yr old, just for a month or so to get a taste for it and be able to do more as they get older, please could you send me the name of this campsite in spain, sounds perfect for us x kind regards x

Molly Hyde-Caroom

Hello! I would love to visit this campground with my kids! We are a family of 5 and we have lived in Japan and now we currently live in Germany. I would love to get the address of this campsite if you would share it! Thank you so much in advance!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Sure will love it. Just send me an email via our contact page and I will pass it on to you.

We go there often so I don't put it here on teh blog.


Hi, thanks a lot for the post!!
can you please e-mail me full name of this campsite?



Please pass the name of resort if it's no problem ;)


Could you please send me the address of the campsite you stayed at in Barcelona? Lots of admiration for the way you travel. Thanks for the informative blog.

Shalini Moore

We are looking at travelling to Barcelona in a campervan, can you please send the name of the Barcelona resort

Shalini Moore

We are also planning on travelling across Spain Barcelona to Seville to Madrid in a campervan in Jan with a toddler and a 4 year old. Any helpful hints advice?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Shalini ..don't forget it can be quite cold and might be snowing and raining in Madrid and Barcelona in January.

Make sure you have a heater and go slow, stay south if you need warmth during the cold months.

As I mentioned in our blog, ( we did camp in Sevilla at Easter at this campground -

Even in the south it can be cold and rainy in Jan, so be prepared, but hopefully you will also run into some sun!


I sent you a message via email to know the name of this hidden gem :) We will be travelling from Boston and would love to stay in that resort.

jeanne dee

Hi DK, I sent you the info by email! Here is more info about this place -

They have expanded the kids pool and both pools since I wrote this.

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