Murano Glass Blowing

May 25, 2007


Seeing all the magnificent Venetian glass everywhere, made a trip to nearby Murano Island to see the world renown glass blowers in action a “must see” in our Venice explorations. DaVinci had seen lots of artists in his last trip here many years ago which he loved and hoped to share that experience with us.

We were not quite as lucky to see the intimate work that he did, but we did get to see a demonstration that we all enjoyed, especially Mozart. It was fun to see him make a horse and a vase and they started a fire by just putting a piece of paper next to it to demonstrate how hot it was even when done. Mozart liked touching the colored sand that they turn into glass. We find watching craftsman such a wonderful educational experience, so we were glad to add this one, although we have seen glass blowers before, it was never Venetian glass.

We took a pleasant ferry over to Murano and found it a pretty and peaceful place. We found a good
spot to eat on the water and enjoyed some more Italian pizza and outdoor cafe eating. Later at another cafe where we stopped to have dessert Mozart met one of her many “friends” as she wound up in a conversation with a grandmother who was telling her “You go girl” as she chased the pigeons.
They had a long discussion about violins and world tours as we watched at a distance.

I don’t think Mozart missed a glass store while we were in Venice (and there are tons) as she loved to examine every piece and she continued this process on the island. She was trying to decide what would
be the best ones for her to buy with her money from the lost tooth. She ended up getting a little piece
of glass candy and a family of blue dolphins. Before we went to bed that night she quickly made a little Hawaiian scene for her dolphins so they could swim while we slept. She likes to use them too when she practices scales on the piano as place markers.













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