Sunsets & Celebration

June 26, 2007


The Oia, Santorini sunset was spectacular on the night we celebrated DaVinci’s birthday! Mozart loves celebrations so did not mind it a bit that we were doing another celebration of his birthday since he missed a fancy dinner on his day because we were on a ferry.

In fact, she decided that since he was getting a fancy hotel stay for his birthday, that she should get the same for hers. She loves the RV but she is always up for a hotel stay and any excuse is a good one. We all enjoy the splurge and do not mind doing it once in while at special places.

There were just too many beautiful pictures from our stay at Volcano Villas, so I thought I would add another entry for the sunsets and birthday dinner shots and such. Mozart had made her father another lovely present (decorating a block of pine wood on all sides that she found in the campground) and wrapped carefully in crayon colored paper towel.

After relaxing all day at the pool and on our terrace with the killer views, we headed out to a restaurant nearby called Anemomilos that the couple with the twin boys recommended. Mozart loves the gift giving process and taking pictures of it (and everything else as she is on a real camera bug these days). The whole restaurant seemed to be in a celebratory mood with lots of laughter, smiles, glowing tans and pastel clothes.

Surprisingly, Santorini and Greece has windmills and there was an ancient one near the place we stayed which just added to the charm as it twirled at dusk. The breeze picks up in the evening and the scent of tropical flowers and sea air infuses the atmosphere creating the euphoria of a perfect summer night.













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