Crete to Rhodes

July 06, 2007


The old GA ferry blasted a loud bellowing horn to it’s sister ferry as we passed by with both going in the opposite direction. These are not my favorite ferries because they are old so everything is dated on them, still there are always nice moments like the horn episode that make me enjoy the ride. I have grown fond
of the “ritual” part of ferries, getting on and off, arriving and leaving via sea, the wind in my hair and  watching the wake at the back of the boat or the
sea hands work. 

This one was a long one, especially since Crete and Rhodes do not appear too far apart from one another, but such is life on ferries in the Greek Islands. The GA ferries seem to stop on almost every island and I think that is what they did while we slept. We took an all night ferry from Crete to Rhodes and spent some of the evening watching the movie “Troy” on our computer as Mozart loves the connections with it and Greek myths and “The Odyssey”. We only brought a few dvd’s with us and they were all Greek and Turkey related.

Greek mythology claims that the sun god Helios was married to Rhodes and endowed her with light and vegetation and the Old Town has the reputation of being the finest example of medieval fortification.

It is the huge walls and castle like fortification that makes entering this port so exciting. It is very pretty and one instantly understands how important this ancient place was in antiquity. We liked it straight off and were grateful again that we  chose this route.













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