Life Is A Beach!

August 12, 2007


The cool wet sand squished thru her fingers as she dug deeper in front of the Manoulas restaurant, at Agios Yiannis beach where the movie, “Shirley Valentine ”was filmed. It is right next to the Mykonos Grand which many say is the best hotel on the island and that this is the best beach.

It certainly took our breath away and rates in our book as one of those places of utmost pleasure and pure bliss from the beauty, where one can not help but look around and think that life is a paradise. Sadly, my pictures do not capture the moment and I have prettier pictures of less pretty spots on the island, but we will always remember this exceptional setting. I hear the movie showcases the idyllic beauty well, so it is something we will hunt down at some point to remind us of this special day.

One can see the sacred diminutive island of Delos from there which was one of the most important sacred archeological sites in ancient Greece and the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The reason the Cyclades are so named is because they form a circle around Delos and it is only a few kilometers from Mykonos. My friend Thanos says people native to the island say this beach is “blessed” and there is a special “Appolonia effect”.

I am not sure what is was, because as I look at the pictures, it looks similar to the lovely beach we stayed at, but the experience was very different. The energy and beauty did seem profound here. It was one of those places that you say “it doesn’t get much better than this”.

As soon as we reached the stop on the bus and got off, we knew we were in for a treat. DaVinci, who was not too keen on coming to Mykonos, gave his ultimate compliment that he “could live here” and wanted to call his sister at lunch time to try and share the divine experience. I guess it is one of those places that you just have to be there to fully understand.

It was a sea of tranquility, beauty and charm which felt so nice after the insanity that had almost engulfed us in town. We had a marvelous lunch, taking in the views and just floating in the ambiance, in the shaded cozy restaurant.

Afterwards, Mozart ran down to the beach and made a lovely sand castle and sand drawings near the crystal clear water. We forgot to bring bathing suits so she just wore her underwear. How great to be a child or feel like a child, where everyday, life is just a beach with new things to explore!

We took a taxi back to our hotel and spent the evening relaxing after a swim in the pool. We had planned to tour Delos the next morning, but it was exceptionally hot and with the crowds and effort to get there, we felt the best decision was to pass, despite our wanting to see it. Our friends from Athens that went said it was unbearably hot and crowded, so we felt we made the right decision and hope to see it another time.

We had spent a fortune on the hotel, so decided to take advantage of that and spend the day at the beach and in the pool. Our ferry to Santorini did not leave until evening, so we had all day to play in these lovely surroundings. Unfortunately, we left all three of our bathing suits sitting in the sun to dry, when we ate dinner and then forgot all about them when we had to rush out for our ride. Of course, I remembered our suits just before we boarded the ferry, but it was too late. We ended up buying new ones in Santorini as that was cheaper than having them sent and waiting for them to arrive.













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