Mozart's Film Debut 日本の映画スター Maako 運行 Japan 日本

September 27, 2007

日本の映画スター Maako 運行 Japan 日本 on Travel Salad 旅行のサラダ Japanese ABC channel, TV-ADAHI 最高のテレビ番組

Mozart was jumping for joy, waving and calling out, as her eagle eyes spotted her “friends” from the Japanese film crew as our water taxi approached Rovinj. We were stunned to run into them for the third time in yet another location in Croatia, as it was a great distance from Korcula and we had spent five days in other locations since then. What are the chances we would be in the identical location at the same moment again?

They seemed as surprised as we were and at first I am not sure that they realized that this was the same child that they had already run into twice. They were really a sweet and gracious bunch and we all had a good laugh that we should meet again. We compared notes on where we had been since we last met and
we found out a little more about them.

Finally we found out that the beautiful star’s name was Maako and her beautiful friend and associate’s name was Tomoko. The guys were great too, but somehow we did not get their names. The show’s name
is “Travel Salad” and will start airing  starting October 2nd (I think they said), so right about now. It is a morning show I think, on Japanese ABC channel which is TV-ADAHI. If you have satellite TV or live in Japan, check it out. These people are really cool, so I am betting the show is too!

I ended up also talking some to the man from Croatia who was assisting them in finding the locations and traveling with them. He had a fascinating history as he had built a sailboat by himself over ten years and sailed around the world for three years (having had no experience in sailing or boat building before doing it). So creative and brave, I love that adventurous  and “can do” spirit!

The crew had a really wonderful time doing this shoot, so were feeling a little sad that it was almost over as they were going home to Japan the next day. We were sorry we would not have another chance to run into them and their smiling faces and kind ways. We understood how they felt as we were leaving Croatia as well in a few days and it is easy to get attached to.

We all took more pictures and prepared to part once more and let them get back to work and us to our explorations. Tomoko gave Mozart a pink bandana that said “made in Japan” and one of the guys gave her a cool three ink pen. Needless to say, Mozart just loved them and beaming with pleasure, she did her best to say thank you in Japanese.

She immediately wanted to wear the bandana and it actually looked made for the outfit and hairdo (braid) that she had picked for that day. They were quite a fashionable bunch and got a kick out of Mozart’s sense of style and she admired theirs. My little fashionista has always had a strong sense of what she likes and doesn’t like and adores teen or  twenty something’s wardrobe details. She begged an older friend to give her those raggedy jeans she wears as she just loves how the bellbottoms drag on the ground like teens and its worn out hole at the knee. Kids!

We went off on our day of touring around Rovinj and briefly ran into them here and there. We saw the cameraman way up on a tower, but who knows what he was filming. Later, after a leisurely lunch, we ran into them again as we came across a lovely little nook. Tomoko called to Mozart to come and she exuberantly obliged going up the many stairs lickety-split.

Soon they disappeared into an ancient white rock arch. We waited for a bit, on our walkway below, watching the sea and fishermen, then DaVinci went after her, to make sure that she was not disturbing them. We had done a lot of walking and climbing stairs, so I thought I would take the opportunity to just rest my weary knee that always pains me.

Finally, I had to go up the stairs also to  see what was going on because none of them had reappeared as I had expected. I made my way through an adorable little ancient passageway and was astonished to see them filming my little Mozart!

They had her peek around the corner and then run in front of a blue door. She was just tickled pink and was having the time of her life. She got a good taste on how long it can take and how many mini variations one can do with a small moment on film. They did it over and over, until they got what they wanted and natural performer that she is, Mozart enjoyed every moment of her fifteen seconds of fame.

One of the crew members asked her for her autograph and joked that it would be worth a lot in about ten years. She enthusiastically gave it, but did not quite understand how it would have value later. Tomoko had a small remote monitor, so she could show Mozart what it looked like after they filmed it, which my daughter thought was way cool.

It was kind of a curious moment for our family, to see her on film, since I used to be an actress eons ago and DaVinci has done films as a creative director for advertising, so an area we know intimately well. Mozart has always loved my commercial and film reels, model portfolios and such, that she has grown
up with as family entertainment. She loves glamour, high heels and makeup and I have not been a glamorous person in a very long time, although somehow, I think she still sees it in me and sometimes I wish she could have known the younger me. Perhaps, it means even more to this child to have a moment of her own in film and I felt so proud of how well she did. I am glad she gets a little bit of the glamour that she loves from the younger women she meets and so enjoys.

What a thrilling moment for my just-turned-seven, movie loving, little girl and one she will never forget! Now we really wish we could see the show even more. We exchanged emails with Tomoko and Maako and they said they will send a dvd to us when we get back to Spain and we will try to put what we can on our website in the movies or podcast sections. If you see it first on satellite TV or in Japan, write to us and let us know what you think! (soultravelers3 (at) hotmail (dot) com)

When we left, Mozart kept saying, “I can’t believe I am in a movie!”. She couldn’t wait to tell her Grandma and Auntie BJ. You just never know what is going to happen when you are on the road. These lovely people make us excited about what is ahead for us when we travel to Japan and we know one of the first things we want to do once we get there is  watch more of  the very popular “Travel Salad”! People this kind and happy, have got to have a great show.

I am uploading the blog more slowly now because we are moving faster and finding less easy internet, but stay tuned for more on our exciting time in romantic Rovinj as well as the beautiful hill towns Motavun, Godezjan and Hum in the heart of Istria. Not to mention, moving onto autumn in the Alps, Mozart’s  spectacular seventh birthday celebrations in Salzburg and several Central/Eastern Europe new country explorations.

Our unplanned forty plus days in Croatia has put a little pressure on our schedule, but perhaps we will make up for it by arriving a little later in our village in Spain. Last year we had to arrive by November first, but this year we have not booked our winter rental, so could arrive a little later if need be. We are looking forward to our home away from home, but also do not want to miss some things in this part of the world as long as the weather holds out. We will see how it unfolds!


日本の映画スター Maako 運行 Japan 日本 on Travel Salad 旅行のサラダ Japanese ABC channel, TV-ADAHI 最高のテレビ番組

日本の映画スター Maako 運行 Japan 日本 on Travel Salad 旅行のサラダ Japanese ABC かわいいブロンドの女の子 TV-ADAHI 最高のテレビ番組










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WHAT fun!! and mozart is just having the time of her life. YAY!


Lovely :-)

cavaletta marina

so sweet pictures


and no ABC

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