Romantic Night On Our 16th

September 18, 2007


The bright pink scruffy package said “Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy” and Mozart could hardly wait for us to open it as she had been working on it in secret for a few days. There is nothing that this kid likes more than a “holiday” and chance to celebrate. Still, it was the highlight of our 16th anniversary made by our one and only “love made manifest”.

One could hardly be in a more romantic, fairy-tale location than Dubrovnik, so that alone will make this anniversary a memorable one. We don’t go out that often at night, so to walk into this lit up medieval walled city where even the sail boats in the bay are lit up like christmas trees, couldn’t help but be exciting. I felt like a princess and a sense of magic was in the air.

Normally this would be an occasion for a twosome, but we manage to find romance even as a threesome, walking hand in hand. We had savored a good wine at our campsite (and juice for Mozart) and then splurged on a taxi to the far gate with its air conditioned comfort, seeing new views as we went. The dressed up drum and pipe regiment came by just as we entered to add a little pomp and circumstance to our special occasion.

Every local recommended the same place on the harbor so we headed that way and joined the line where we met a lovely couple from Hilton Head who had lived in Europe for a while, some years ago. It was not our favorite fish meal in Croatia, but we did enjoy the local singers who came by to serenade us and the location right on the harbor.

We did not even remember to get any pictures of us that night, even tho we looked pretty good as we spiffed up for the occasion. Nevertheless we will remember it and the girls in the fancy shop that we talked to, eating ice cream as we walked down the main promenade, listening to the drummers just like home by the big fountain.

It would be hard not to have a romantic night in Dubrovnik and to not be thankful for such a wonderful marriage, partnership and family. Romance is different now than our early years, but just as cherished. Exploring the world together has its challenging moments, but has also brought us closer together
as it is the kind of life that reminds us daily how compatible and lucky we are. Our baby is growing up fast, so we will hold dear these threesome anniversary celebrations while Mozart is still adoring them, as we know that this will change in a blink of an eye, when she grows too old for such things.

Mozart had found a chopped up piece of wood about the size of a large book and drew a picture of a whale swimming in the ocean with it’s baby, a different pattern on each edge and a picture of a home with a duck in a pond, butterfly and a tree on the opposite side. She wrapped it carefully by herself with her colored drawing paper and too much of our scotch tape. Can you imagine a better gift for a your sixteenth wedding anniversary? I can’t.













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