September 23, 2007


Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest cities of the Mediterranean, Trogir is a charming Dalmatian Coastal town with a rich, four thousand year old history. We camped right on the beach nearby at Camping Segret which is an ideal location to explore Split,Trogir and central Dalmatia.

Trogir is only two kilometers away and one can walk, bus, water taxi or ride a bike there, while enjoying daily life at a secluded, tranquil beach. The sun and good weather is back and there are few tourists. There is a wonderful, large fresh food market every day in Trogir and Mozart was thrilled that we found a fishing pole to add to our fruit and veggie purchases.

This is a perfect spot to fish and she has been wanting to do that ever since she caught her first fish on the gulet in the Turkish Turquoise Coast. We have a few days to settle in and tour this area so Mozart wasted no time setting up a mini city. A German lady, noticed as she walked by and said “Wonderbar!” and they got into a conversation in English about her creation.

There is a good Chinese restaurant nearby, along with the fish restaurants,which was a thrill for Mozart and all of us. We love local food, but sometimes we do miss our Chinese take out and Mexican food restaurant treats from home. After a couple days of touring, we enjoyed staying in one night with Chinese take out that DaVinci got on his bike, and curled up for a movie night with “Apollo 13th” (the last of the birthday dvds).

The only bad thing about this site, is there is no internet, so we have to go to Trogir for that and their interesting internet cafes tucked into tiny corners in this medieval town. It is kind of funny to see such state of the art equipment in the ultimate of warren spaces. We have to pay for all three of us, which adds up and I truly hate foreign keyboards, which make writing anything and even surfing the web a challenge. The Z and Y are in opposite places in Croatia and the star and “@” sign are different to name a few of the challenges. Every country has different keyboards and different challenges, which makes one greatly miss the ease of ones own laptop!

We have been spoiled this trip in finding good internet and wifi access. I am not sure if Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia are superior in this area to rural France or if we have just been lucky. Perhaps, a year has made a difference, since technology is always changing. The satellite is not working for us, so we plan to sell it when we return to Spain. Sometimes we wish we could throw the dish out the door, especially on fast travel, as it is heavy and big, but this is how one learns and I am sure it will make its next owner happy as it is a joy when it works. It is just not effective for our space and type of travel and we never got the piece of equipment that makes it easier to work as we did not hear about it until we were on the road.

Trogir is an interesting medieval town with the typical white stone and marble streets of Dalmatia and reminds me a little of Kotor. My favorite part is the harbor side on the southern portion and the main square. We have the best of both worlds here, close to this lively small ancient town, yet in another world in our motor home site, tucked into a very peaceful and gorgeous bay.













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Thanks for visiting, putting pictures & writing all of this nice words about my country. I'm living in Sinj, small town about 20km north from Split. Found address of this web site accidentally in comments of some Mozarts Youtube video.
I wish You many nice trips and happy life.

(sorry for bad english)

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