Sassy Salzburg

October 13, 2007


Massive picturesque mountains rise in every direction around Salzburg,the green glacial colored Salzach River runs through the middle of the city and one of the greatest castle-fortresses in Central Europe, looks down from above the Old Town. A week was not long enough or perhaps we are just not cut out to be fast travelers.

Most of the time we were in Salzburg we were at a pleasant small campground called “Panorama Camping Stadtblick”. It has a wonderful vista overlooking Salzburg with the mountains and Hohensalzburg castle. It is terraced, so almost all of the campsites have great views. There is easy and close bus access to Salzburg or one can even ride a bike the 4km to town along the Salzach River where there is a path. They have really good traditional food in the restaurant but it is not cheap. The owners are a little tight and not especially helpful, but other wise we enjoyed the place. Perhaps they were worn out from the high season or have been doing this too long.

It was surrounded by pasture land and we watched the cows munch on the grass next door, plus enjoyed the fall foliage and occasional alpine houses dripping with begonia filled window boxes, as we walked to the bus. Two hundred meters below the campground along a stream is a a fantastic city park that Mozart just loved which was near a grocery store and the bike path.

The park was great fun, even in our first drizzly days and more so when it got sunny. It was on the way to the bus so we stopped and played almost every day and it was a highlight for Mozart. There were lots of interesting and original pieces of equipment like a fast moving one person merry-go-round, different climbing apparatuses and a pulley with long chain, bucket and ramp for sand play, plus more.

The piece de resistance (sorry I do not have the French accent marks on this computer) in this great park according to Mozart, was the world class zip line that even tempted daddy into a few exhilarating rides on it!  We love zip lines (Mozart used to love zipping/flying on her violin teachers fun one in their backyard at two) and this one took the prize for the best we have found so far.

We loved the musical atmosphere of Salzburg and stopped at a few instrument shops. We even got Mozart's violin tuned by a professional and picked up some new rosin. We also just adored the elaborate and intricate metal signs that are common place in the Old Town, like the one I mentioned earlier above McDonalds that even made it look classier. Not quite as ostentatious as the Louis Vuitton dragon nearby, but all of them were a delight to look at.

We did not even mind the drizzle as it has such a Northern Europe feel to it. Over the years I have spent so much time in this kind of weather in this part of the world, that I think I must have some nostalgia for it and walking around in raincoats or with umbrellas. It felt like fall (or spring) in Europe, although I
must admit we were happy when the sun came back. We found a great pair of waterproof, breathable Geox boots for Mozart that she needed for this winter and figured this was as good a place as any to get them.

We also went to a toy museum that some had recommended which we enjoyed. Mozart seem to like the old fashion ones that had a million little pieces for dollhouses and such. She could relate to it as that is just the kind of play that she likes.

I have too many pictures and we did too much to fill my limited pages and space, but hopefully these will give a small taste to our fun stay. Perhaps Salzburg was stuffy and confining in Mozart's day as he could not wait to get out, but its a postcard perfect kind of place today that celebrates his memory. We thought Salzburg was a superb place for families and a first-class location to celebrate seven years on planet earth!













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