Holiday Letter: Spain 2007

February 13, 2008


Dear family and friends,

As you can tell by our 2007 blog, it has been another very exciting year of travel for us! We have a little Homer-and-Greek-myths-lover in the family, who talks about being an archeologist, so we focused primarily on ancient civilizations and we were astounded by all that we saw and learned. Our Mozart has seen more Hellenic, Roman & Moorish wonders this year than most people will see in a lifetime from Knossos, Ephesus, Mycenae, Troy and Delphi to the Parthenon, Pamukkale, Pompeii, and more. We saw many of the seven wonders of the ancient world and these endless ancient treasures will stay with us forever!

This lifestyle and the freedom and learning that comes with it, really suits and nurtures us. We are amazed that we can travel the world for so much less than to live at home. We also really enjoy the simplicity of this life and the richness of the time together. Our vibrant shared memories will give us continued lifelong  pleasure in storytelling and laughs, as it has already done. The wonderful people we have met along the way, have touched us deeply and will always have a special place in our hearts. Heavenly’s violin concert for kids in the Saraha was priceless.

RVing has us living in nature in a way few people do, which, helps us really connect to the land and places that we visit. I am often up and out early amongst the trees, chirping birds and morning dew, hearing the rooster call or goat bells  in rural places or watching a city come to life in urban areas. Mozart has an ever changing backyard to play in, seas to swim in, stars to view and is spending most of her days in nature. It still astonishes me that we are so comfortable in our movable home as it is quite small, but somehow feels cozy mostly, with the whole world as our front yard. We also have managed to take every conceivable mode of transportation from luxury cruise ferries to an overnight Orient Express train and have stayed at exquisite hotels in unique locations from Mykonos to Marrakech. 

We were also really thrilled to return to our gorgeous little white village in Andalusia, Spain to spend our winters under sunny skies and  amongst friendly faces. This turned out to be one of our best decisions of our journey and is even more rewarding this time. Everybody in the village knew we were back before we finished our first day and we moved right into a brand new apartment with fantastic ocean and mountain views. In some ways it felt like we never left and we were all so happy to see our friends here. This is truly our home away from home.

Mozart was back in school, fluently talking Spanish, our second day and soon lost her fifth baby tooth in class, the first one on top. She immediately got back to flamenco and piano lessons and we are excited to have a violin teacher that lives in the village, just a short walk away. Mozart has already had many sleep overs and play dates here and is happy to see her friends and have all her books back. We have our little Spanish Christmas tree up and she has on the traditional Christmas outfit that the kids (& adults in festivals) wear here called “Pastore”.

We have great adsl internet connection here, so now we can talk more regularly with family and friends at a distance too. If you do not have skype you can download it very easily which makes calls between us free. Or just email us at soultravelers3[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you send your phone number, we can call you for peanuts on the skype to landline or cell mode. Thankfully, to the internet, it is really a small world today and we love being in touch and hearing about what is up with your life too. When inside, I sometimes forget that we are in Europe.

In the spring the plan is to focus on Ireland, the U.K. and Scandinavia, but we will start with Morocco again, Portugal and Northern Spain and plan to end with Germany and more of France. We are still deciding how and when to add in Russia and Egypt. We hope to even do a short winter ski trip nearby, so Mozart does not forget how to ski.

Our hearts are very full and we feel so blessed by all the people who have touched our lives. We had a sweet  friend here, just our age, who suddenly died of a heart attack just after we left our village, which was so sad and shocking to hear. With my step father's health crisis, Dad’s mobility challenges and my own trip to the hospital, we are reminded again, how fragile and precious life is. 

Love is all that matters, so we wish you abundant love this Christmas and always. Now, more than ever, we remember one of our favorite sayings “Carpe Diem”!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all! I leave you with two short poems that Mozart wrote recently:

My Winter Dream

White Light glitter, shine, shimmer
In the high, beautiful night sky
I am wings
Angel on the night sky
The stars gift her friend

by our

Hearts and Love

Hearts mean love to us all.
And love is what we need
In our life.
And people need love now in this world.
People need lots of love.

by our














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