Snow in Florence!

February 09, 2008


We could not believe it was snowing in Florence in October! We had left sunny Vienna and headed south, expecting more warmth, so we were stunned when the snow started pouring down as we approached Florence from Verona. Last year, it had been exceptionally warm at this time but as luck would have it,
we happened to run into an exceptional cold spell. Thankfully, it did not last too long and we were soon blessed with a rainbow over the Tuscan hills, as the sun sneaked back.

Everyone talks about how bad driving is in Florence, but we found it quite easy and virtually no traffic on this Sunday in October. We camped at the famous Michelangelo Camping ( that is right next to the equally famous Piazzale Michelangelo which has one of the most beautiful views in all of Europe. The picture above is the view that we had out our window, which gave us great pleasure while having breakfast and all during our stay. It was always a treat to come home at night and see Florence lit up from a distance. I am sure a hotel with this duomo view would cost a fortune.

We knew we wanted to spend at least a week in Florence since there is so much to see and we were glad to be avoiding the crowds which can ruin the atmosphere. Mozart enjoyed testing out her new clothes and our new chairs and finding ways to climb or torture the many olive trees while we set up camp or before we left to tour. If you look closely at the last shot, you can see the RV’s amongst the olive trees. Can you guess which one is ours?

After dinner, that first night, we had a movie marathon with a spectacular PBS series about Florence and the Medici family that was called “The Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance”. It was fascinating and we were all riveted for the whole 220 minutes, drinking it all in. We could not have had a better and more entertaining preparation to visiting Florence!














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This looks lovely Jeanne. I've been to Italy several times every year for so long, but never to Firenze. This time it will be though and I am thrilled.
Gathering tons of books, but have a few other travels coming up first.
Iceland in only two days now :-)


We stayed there in June 2006. It is a wonderful camping site. We hired one of the tents that are set up with conventional beds inside. Easily reached by foot or bus. The camping site makes a good alternative to hostel or budget hotels while offering similar facilities to a hostel but a bit more privacy (our tent slept 2).

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