Spring in Spain!

April 20, 2008

Spain, Med sea, Meditteranean, cyprus trees, olive trees,

This is the view that I see out my kitchen and living room window and it never fails to make me smile. There are shutters on the windows and I love opening them in the morning and opening up the doors to let the sunshine in, then I walk to the front terrace and breathe in this fabulous view as I stretch a little and greet the day. I read somewhere that it is good to stretch and get into sunlight when you wake up and this is certainly the place to do that.

The birds chirp, the roosters crow and I often hear goats bleat and horse hooves clomp by. I think I should do a short video of my walk to pick up Mozart from school as I love taking in the "campo" or countryside as I rush to retrieve her or more slowly return. I saw a simple moment like that on someone's vlog and thought the school walk might be a fun one for us. One of those simple pleasures in daily life.

Spring in Spain is more like early summer and I suppose winter is closer to a normal spring. Mozart was already swimming in our pool here in March. I love the sunshine, longer days and watching the gardens grow and leaves bud out.

This is just a quick post to try out a few things. I need to claim this blog for Technorati. Don't ask me, as I have no idea what that means, but they say it is a good thing, so I am trying to follow it through. I also forgot to thank our webmaster in my last post and he has been our hero behind the scenes. Thanks so very much to Michael at Setup Systems who helped us make the revamp happen! He is in Santa Cruz, so we ended up doing a lot of it over Skype.

Because of twitter, I found this inspiring video that I want to share with you. I like this man's enthusiasm about celebrating what is right with the world! He was a photographer for National Geographic and there are some great images too. So in this season of new beginnings, lets take time to breathe in and appreciate all that is right in this world and celebrate this gift of life!

I guess I am on a video kick, now that it is easier to do with this new revamped system, so you might also want to take a look at the education page where I put a few cool videos up. I have lots to share on that page, but these will give you some food for thought hopefully, while you wait.

I will end with Mozart on the balcony looking out into the campo from our little sugar cube town in Andalusia on a warm spring day.

"For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life."  William Blake


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That view is breathtaking! Sigh.

I am anxiously waiting for all of your HS'ing tips and links. :)


Awww, thanks Kerry!

Loved your sweet note to, will get to it.

I am feeling the time pressure now & we have already delayed twice, so can't do it again if we want to see all that we have planned.

I was up all last night working on the technorati thing and it still is not right....erggghr.

If you go to the bootsnall forum on traveling with children, there is a thread where I left lots of good links on homeschooling.

Love the topic, but time to post them is my challenge.

Hugs to you and yours!


Jeanne, no worries at all!! I think you've done a WONDERFUL job upgrading the blog/website and I'm following you guys around in most of the networking forums you are involved in (facebook, myspace, twitter, flickr). The internet is making the world a smaller place. I am taking notes for our move to Austria (almost to the 1 year countdown).

I'd rather you guys get on the road and start traveling than you take the time to provide me with homeschooling info. I will check out bootsnall. You just worry about getting the RV prepped for another season of exciting travels.

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Lovely Lovely as always. I have just arrived at this splendid site, and having a look around. Well done.
And absolutely love the clip posted about celebrating what's right with the world. Thanks for sharing.


Forgot to say that I followed your link from youtube. It's fairannie9 from youtube.


Welcome to our blog, Ann! So lovely to "meet" you!

We seem to be on the same page as to the things that touch us. ;)


And nice to "meet" you here, on another level as such.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Looking forward to reading about many more exciting adventures to come for you all.
Keep spreading the love....

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