Beauty & Nakedness

June 23, 2008


We wanted to skip the over-built  part of  the Algarve as it is not our cup of tea, just as  we avoid the similar over built up parts of the Costa del Sol.  Both of these areas are havens for northern Europeans who love sun and sea holidays to bake in the sun, so these areas are filled with condos, time shares and high rises, thus have long lost authenticity. To avoid this,  we stopped first in the far eastern part and then headed to the far western part of the Algarve and just skipped the very congested middle.

Quinta dos Carricos , near Salema is one of the prettiest natural campsite areas that we have been to. We arrived late at night so did not fully realize we were in paradise until we woke up. The only catch was that the most beautiful places with tons of room were the naturists sites. Germans in particular  seem to have a real love for being naked in nature, so we have run into lots of advertised "naturists" campgrounds, but have not tried any yet.

We found a fantastic campsite off by itself,  but did not realize we were in an all nude area. Mozart got a real kick out of the nakedness opportunity and soon was biking and playing tennis au natural. We have no problem with nudity and have been to many health spas in our area where they are clothing optional therefore families and both sexes hang out  Still, we are not use to camping like that, so we just left our clothes on until we got a little warning from a German-accented, naked man in a golf cart who stopped by to let us know, in no uncertain terms, that we needed to have our clothes off if we wanted to stay in this lovely spot.

We found it a little humorous, since it was a huge campground with about 4 campers in the entire place since this was still  the off season (early June), but we decided to follow the old adage, "when in Rome do as the Romans do". It was kind of a fun and an odd adventure to hang out naked for a day. No one was around, but it still felt strange in all our nakedness. I must say it was the first time I ever made a meal nude and DaVinci said washing dishes bare naked was a first for him. Grin. We had lots of laughs and will probably be giggling about this one for a while.

Still, it was a very beautiful location and they put a lot of work into the grounds. Lots of beautiful flowers and wild flowers and every tree had been masterfully pruned. It had a very special energy and was worth getting naked for. DaVinci couldn't stop talking about the beauty, I was in photographers heaven and Mozart thought the family nudity outside was just the cat's meow.  I am afraid we will just have to post pictures from our pre-naked time there before we got our "naked-only naturists" warning.












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Looks beautiful.
You are quite right to avoid areas filled with package holidaymakers, as these rarely reflect an regions culture.
However, I have to admit I laughed out loud reading of your naturist experience!!
Happy travels, are you visiting the U.K?


Yes, it is more beautiful than the pictures show and very peaceful. So glad it made you laugh too Craig, as it was a very funny experience!

Yes, we are coming to the UK this year, hopefully for the month of July. Although we are running a bit late as usual, so not quite then.

We are in Santillana Del Mar now and making our way to France, then Ireland and UK.

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