Sagres & Henry The Navigator

June 30, 2008


Henry the Navigator built his school for navigation on these steep windswept cliffs to train the explorers that later founded the Portuguese empire. We have been reading a lot about Prince Henry and these famous explorers so did not want to miss this area of the Algarve. This is the area that they set sail to Africa and the Americas.

Our Story of the World Middle Ages book has a nice chapter on Henry the Navigator which Mozart enjoyed and we have a Spanish history book, "La Edad Media" about the middle ages (reminds me of the DK style with lots of good pictures) that had good information on him, albeit they call him Enrique del Navegante. Since she is bilingual, it is important that Mozart learns terms in both languages so some history books in Spanish are important and it is interesting to get a European view while here.


He was a prince and the fourth son, so did not have to worry about learning how to rule, thus he spent his efforts in making the Portuguese into great sailors and explorers.  You might enjoy reading this or this for more information on Henry the Navigator.

It was fun to explore the large fort on the end of a wide, windy promontory where Henry created the school for navigation. It is a great way for a kid to have some hands on experience with history and makes the reading come more alive.  We could almost imagine what it was like long ago,  as we romped around the old fort!









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Ohhh Sagres, one of my most favourite places ever. Your trip brought back alot of memories for me. I see you have a picture of the big door....
Have a look at my version. (4th picture in)

I'm also packing up for my Nomadic Life right now...leave for Mexico in 1 week. Thanks for all of your good travel advice.

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